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In pursuit of self 4


Being spiritual is being in continual bliss. Bliss is a state of mind when one is in complete harmony with self, fellow being and one's surrounding. One can feel the divine presence in the purity of the mind and the body. Meditation helps in the purification of thoughts and action. When one is ready to receive the divine grace, one starts becoming conscious of keeping the self clean first and foremost, then the surrounding followed by the thoughts and actions. The continual need to reach the divine drives one to do it without really putting an effort at it. Simultaneously one is aware that the divine light would soon engulf the person. It is in this state that meditation starts bearing fruits. 

Self healing.......

Hence the drive to find solace in meditation becomes stronger. One begins to practice self healing. The art to heal, the technique to heal all is guided by the divine soul. With the inhaling breath one draws in cosmic energy and exhales the toxins of the body. When I speak about toxins, it also includes the negative thoughts that have been torturing the being; thoughts about loss of loved ones, thoughts of anger; frustration, jealousy, injustice borne and done,  and all those deeds that might have tormented one over the years.  Every ailing part of the body receives the divine grace and is in return healed and returned to normalcy. This is the truth. Once the body is healed the mind is free of pain and is ready to divine energy. The experience will vary from person to person depending on one's faith in the divine.

This journal is my experiences in the path of spiritualism written and recorded for further study.