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Death paralyses its victim !

I read long ago,...........

Death hypnotises its victim, or rather fear hypnotises its victim  that it does feel any pain while leaving the body. The thought goes a blank, signal down.  I fail to recall, the name of the great tiger hunter who had recorded his expeditions in the jungles when he went along with tribals to hunt down man-eaters. On one such expedition, his team was hunting a wounded man-eater tigress. His best arrow-men  who was perched on the tree top was, all of a sudden, face to face with the tigress. He stared at her beautiful glowing eyes and got hypnotised. In a slip of a second,  the hunter shot her down with his rifle. By then the tigress had attacked him on his shoulders with its heavy paw. The huntress lay motionless while the fellow tribals attended to the wounded man. He wrote that it was amazing to note that though the wound healed in a short span of time, every year the scar split open on the anniversary of the wound,  and the man bled as though from a fresh wound. It remained a mystery. 

However, the story is certainly leading one to the topic death. Death is a topic all feel very uncomfortable to discuss or even contemplate with. As a seeker, in pursuit, one is in the process of shedding the baggage of bondages. Like birth death is inevitable. What do we cling on to?  An immediate list would be,  Bank balance, creditentials, credit cards, pan cards, ration cards, election cards, bunch of keys , gadgets, warm bed, cozy vehicles, lush green lawns, waiting attenders, the  feel of Nobility, a match box villa, kith and kin and all that is dear in life including the slam book of school days. Without these who is anybody? 

Just a nobody like a dog on a street or  a mammoth eaten beggar, who sits on a platform bearing the cruelty of Nature's wrath.  He sits there day after day staring into the oblivion, does not miss a season, assiduously,  yet his condition never changes. Which God does he call that his prayers are not answered. Why didn't anyone teach him the correct way to pray?  Perhaps the gateway of heaven is open only for the educated ! Then one day the old beggar reclines on the pavement's electric post. Passerby presumes he is reclining and staring at the oblivion, the same passerby never passes him. Two days later he is trollied away. Where is the nameless soul?  Did death hypnotize him? 

Thrice I have faced death, yet I lived. May be its the free-will that made me stay on or was it destiny. First time when the doctors gave up hope on me for a fatal medicine allergy and my people cried, (Both the occupants on either side of my bed were quickly removed after covering their head with white sheets. I may follow them soon)  I stared at the picture of Jesus Christ that hung on a pillar close to my bed in the bright white cubicle. I did not beg for life from him. I did not ask him to save me or grant me an extension of life, like I had seen in hindi movies. I did not think of heaven and hell....I felt a blankness, there was no turbulance of emotions, no feelings for crying relatives, no time to wipe their tears. I probably sought silence when darkness closed in.  The second time when I struggled for every breath of air due to a fatal asthmatic attack, I was begging for mercy to be relieved of the burden of the body. I did not wish to bear the pain of breathlessness. But I survived. The third time, the ball was in my court. I said I am willing to take the plunge. I lay emotionless, fearless, careless in my bed. Come what may, it won't be as difficult as a battle for a breath of fresh air.  Death stared at me, may be it hypnotised me !

When destiny spins its wheel , things change. I won my third battle too......  I realise, no battle is worse than the battle for a breath of air. Breathe easy, even the breath, you would leave behind one day ! 

All said and done.....I practice Pranayam regularly, to stay healthy. Do you?

Om Sai


13th July, 2012

11.40 pm