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Birthday enriched a special way!

A conversation that made me rich on my B’day.

This conversation is between Celine and I on my birthday. I met her at Facebook. She is French and is not very good at speaking English. Our initial introduction was hilarious where I mistook her for another friends girl friend because I did not understand her French note. It is then her father intervened and cleared the misunderstanding the language barrier had created. He told me that she was just a friend of his and not a girl friend. He used to translate her mails to me and vice versa, and thus we got to know each other better. More importantly I got to know Celine's father. He was a wonderful man and I was blessed enough to meet him through his letters. Often he wrote on behalf of his daughter as though acquainting her to me. He told me how interested he was to visit India one day and I was glad to extend my welcome. When he met at chat he talked about his love for music and how he perfected his English. His affection was evident in every word he wrote. For a few days there was no information from him then one day, like a bolt from the blue, I read a message  from her that her father met with an accident and was no more. If not for the stupid accident I would have got a chance to meet him in life. Despite his departure, Celine and I continued to keep in touch, and friendship grew through her fathers presence always in between us. Today my day is enriched by a simple conversation we shared and the love that flowed  between us. At certain point I she wrote exactly like her father. Love and respect evident in every word she wrote. Love in any form is pure and beautiful because it touches the heart and evokes emotions deep within . Her conversation did the same and I do not wish to loose it so I save it for safe keeping in my blog.

 Celine, how r u dear? its my b'day today, thought of speaking to u so dropped by, remain blessed celine, i think of ur father too now. Thnx to him for connecting us.

Hello and a happy birthday! I think very often of you, and our conversations... You are a beautiful person, and your meeting was a sunbeam for my father and me, us would have liked meeting you really!
Thank you for these some sentences which have me got(touched) beucoup.. Sincerely.


nice to see u , thx dear

your words touches me too xxx


thanx, or thank you

Ok !:)

thank you me too!

lol, so how is life treating you

I am invalid(useless) in English,excuses me!

hey u r good enough, dont say like that, eng is not my mother tongue, i just teach it..heh

What a knowledge!

I serves me as a translator ligne:-S

thank you dear, but i dont know french even a lil


Your was very good in translating your french lol



I respected him so much for the beautiful translations

Before, it was my father who translated and wrote he(it) the good fesait!

yes he was, you are lucky to have him

Go you party for your birthday(anniversary)?

people always live in memories

no party, i m not a party person

most my friends r online friends

well i m like that only Celine, I cant help it

that is y i have good friends like u online, which most ppl dont have :)

When I could, one day I would come in India for my father and I, and I èspère finally to meet you, you are an extraordinary person

that would be a wonderful day in my life, definetely!! you bring tears to my eyes. We have a speacial bond between us because of your father. Yea, with an extraordinary life :)

I am rich in this meeting, thank you very much! You are a member of my family....

My bday is enriched by your special words, I feel honored, i will remember these words all bdays .. wish i could hug you and say these words, god bless you and ur family

I thank god for blessing me with friends like you far across the oceans! In India you have a home, and you are welcome anytime, anyday my dear Celine

I have to go now for a shower, after that I will visit a temple and keep you and ur family in prayers..

God bless, xxxx bye

An immance thank you my friend... Your words return my so beautiful day. The impression(printing) of etre close to you and to my father. Thank you for your prayers... Goodbye I wish it!

Amen! so be it. Bye Celine, please keep in touch

I him(it) would stay!;) be confidence(trust)... Friendship

beautiful words coming from the heart!

blessed words



lots of love :)))


bye my friend:)

bye my dear friend, my water is very hot

lol bye

When the conversation ended I felt enriched and special. This is what the company of good people do to you. They make you feel special simply by their presence. Distance is not a matter when people connect truly. I also connected to another new artist, fashion designer today from lebanon. Her presence also enriched me which was wonderful too. I share this conversation with permission from my friend Celine.



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This is a wonderful

This is a wonderful exchanges between two souls of yours.Language has nothing to do in particular.
Truly as you wrote,
'Love in any form is pure and beautiful because it touches the heart and evokes emotions deep within.'

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 Thank you Jitu, its about

 Thank you Jitu, its about connecting people and allowing the love to suffuse.


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A Paradox

How interesting that we feel so close in virtual space and yet increasingly alone in real places. It is a feeling I believe all of us face to some extent. Connection of love - edited sometimes and carefully written when looking at a plain white screen (with red edges on RedRoom) is very different than venturing a hello and beginning to talk openly with strangers in our own towns and cities.

Celine has become a dear friend to you, and you to her, which is fascinating and exciting. I am married to a man I met online, so my experience is very real also when it comes to meeting close friends online. It's a common reality now in our world. But, there is another side that I also consider, which is a sadness about feeling lonely and unable to connect to real people in our own towns.

This was truly a post about love, and I smiled all the way through as I read it. Beautiful.

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Thank you Christine, I was

Thank you Christine, I was racking my brains for the word Paradox couple of days and could not find it. Here you are with the word in a tray. :)
It is exciting to read that you married a man after knowing him inside out online. Happy for you.
The irony is technology provides us the means to know the inside of a person's soul through words unspoken in the four walls of our rooms. In reality we fear to let our feelings out due to notions unreal. We tend to doubt the intention of the person we open up with. We are also vulnerable and fear exposing ourselves; to a certain extent people are farce in real world too. Besides, We have began to look beyond the barriers of time and distance that helps us to connect better despite geographical and cultural differences. The freedom to begin and end a relation on the click of a mouse though may seem exciting isn't an advisable thing to do. In real world one is answerable for one's action unlike the virtual world. I know I am going offtrack, just stating certain facts that I have experienced and analysed.
Thank you for reading and liking it. May I add you to my list Lady?
Smiles all the way.

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Of course!

I've added you and look forward to more writing from your different but very same world.


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A strange ending to our conversation

Céline Clerc Poujol... Hello my Sumathi,Small message to say to you that kept silent life in my thoughts since our conversation. You allowed me to find a certain peace inside, and to be in accordance with the memory of my father. Thank you for all this Sumathi... Close to you, your friend: Céline ♥♥♥

Sumathi Mohan Spell bound! ♥♥♥ xxx