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Love Trips: Declaration of Like

I've imagined various scenarios in which a man would declare his like or love for me. Scenario #1 takes place in an elevator. Doors slam and button pushed. Up, up, up me and my hot boo go then "crash!” The steel cries. The metal box bobs and weaves. Our lives hang by a thread, literally. A sweat bead travels from my temple to cheekbone to neck, and my even hotter now boo wipes my perspiration away with a lick of his tongue. His intense, small eyes meet mine; his plump, kissable lips part and he screams: "We're going to die! Oh God, mami!" My hot boo jumps into my arms. He breathes into my neck and I sing him a lullaby. In the middle of, "Cuca, cucita, asi se llama, la muchachita" my hot boo lifts his head, finds my gaze and utters: "I like you so much!" Then the elevator jolts back to life. Cool artificial air is released from metal vents, and once again, up, up, up me and my hot boo go. Click here to read more and don't forget to comment! http://lovemionline.com/index.php/love-trips-love-trips/192-novela-like