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What is the Federal Reserve?????
A window into a world most of us know little about.

Really! What the heck is the Federal Reserve. I mean what is it really? My sources tell me that the Federal Reserve is the Government’s banker. My sources also tell me it is the Banker’s banker. The Federal Reserve hangs on to all the American bank’s extra cash. The Federal Reserve controls the American supply of money. The Federal Reserve provides a system that enables people around the country to pay checks to one another. You see, during the earlier days of our country, money would pool in some places and not in others, creating a lot of problems. If a businessperson needed a loan, sometimes there was no money for it because the money had collected in other places. And all the gold and silver our country is reputed to have in Fort Knox is there to back up our currency. The Federal Reserve does not do business directly with the public.


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