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What is a Jew?
A how-to for tracing ancient Jewish ancestry.

It makes me wonder if George Lucas didn’t borrow a little from the Old Testament when I see the word Jehudi, an ancient Hebrew word for Jew, which is an English word. Jew is a sort of English “nickname”, used to designate a man from the Kingdom of Judah (or Judea). The true meaning of a Jew is “a follower of Judaism”. This means that one does not have to be born of Jewish ethnicity to be considered a Jew, although the meaning of Jew also means one who is of Jewish ancestry through the matriarchal line. If one’s mother is not of Jewish ethnicity one is not considered a Jew unless of course they are a follower of Judaism.


Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret Genealogy, a how-to for tracing our hidden Jewish ancestry available at Amazon.