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What Does Spinster Mean?
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We often hear the term, "Spinster" used to refer to a woman who is advanced in years and has not yet married. These days our attitudes toward this have changed enormously but in years past, the reason for this term was that before the Industrial Revolution, in many parts of Europe it was customary that a bride would spend her days weaving linen for her marriage. Married couples back then were dependent upon the home craftsperson to provide linens for the bed, a tablecloth, napkins and linens for personal wear. A young woman was not ready to be a wife until she had spun and woven the necessary articles and while doing so was called a "spinster".


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A frustrated spinster then is

A frustrated spinster then is a young woman who just plain dislikes sewing and handicraft of any sort! 

These days there is an even more advanced spinster variant called a 'spin doctor', one who indulges in a lethal style of spinning the truth! 


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Yes, you're right! And what about writers? Spinning tales (and tails), lol ...

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re: spinsters

You can say that writers who indulge in fan fiction put their own spin to known characters and story backdrops. 

Writers spin yarns and even can lay claim to their deed! 

Writers can also take heart that they have some legal weight. "I wrote the writ that summoned and courted all their wits to court!"