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A genealogical posting on an ancestry message board regarding the surname, "Nunes" says oral history states that the name was originally "Ben-Nun", a reference to Nebuchaneezer, the king of Babylon who captured Jerusalem and in 597 B.C. kept the Jews captive for over fifty years.


I read another fascinating story regarding the surname, "Nunes" or "Nunez". A genealogist denotes it is a Sephardic Jewish name that began in Jerusalem. The family line fled to Spain, then to Portugal then to Savannah Georgia.


In some instances Nunes/Nunez became "Eunice". In Acadian Louisiana there is a community "Eunice", settled by rice farmers, many from South Carolina, whose ancestors originally came to the colonies from Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda, Spain and Portugal. Do you have a Eunice in your family tree? How about Nunes or Nunez? Is it far-fetched to believe that family oral history could survive for over 2600 years?


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