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Small Town People - Are They Happier?
Hold out for your shade of crazy.

One thing about small towns is that everybody knows everyone else's business - that seems to be the biggest complaint, but after that is acknowledged what's left behind are plenty of pluses for living among a low population. Your universe is smaller so you can be somebody. The people who keep our lives running, the local cement guy, the fireman, the horsewoman, even the lady who works at the laundry can all be celebrities and well-respected because in a small town, where everyone knows one another, respect is gained for honesty, friendliness, humor, loyalty, good business practices and all the other positive attributes that come with a job well-done. I'm not saying that small town feel doesn't present itself in the city as there are some neighborhoods or "villages" even in New York where it does, but there is nothing like the familiarity and comfort coming from knowing your neighbors and townies so well you literally trust your most precious possessions with them - your babies when you run to the store.


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Valuable insights on small-town life. We all face similar existential realities of the human condition (love, loss, dreams, mortality, etc) regardless of our location and status. Like me, I suspect your "sense" of the more relaxed, simpler pace of everyday life in smaller communities emerges from experiences as both an insider and outsider. Some aspects (as you note) weren't so enthralling in my youth, but nostalgic "recollections in tranquility" place many past experiences in a "softer" focus and more favorable light. Amidst it all, one constant is certain and eternal: "You can't go home again" to the way things once were except in the imagination.

Have a great Thanksgivings with the best of small-town amenities and ambience gracing your gathering.