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No Doubt Muslims And Jews Fell In Love And Intermarried
A how-to for tracing ancient Jewish ancestry.

No doubt Muslims and Jews fell in love and intermarried, especially during the Middle Ages when in Spain the Arabs and Jews shared their love of exploring science, math, philosophy, religion, architecture and life’s deep questions. When you look at lists of Jewish surnames, you will see names with possible Arabic origins. I’ve seen it mentioned that the surname “Alfon” might have originated with the Spanish Moors because of the name beginning with “Al”. In addition, I have also wondered about the surname “Moore” and it’s variations of “Morris”, “Morse”, etc. Sometimes we think of “Morris” as Scots-Irish but it’s fun to dig deeper. It also makes me want to look toward the Middle East for the origins of Morris Dancing, an ancient dance popular throughout the British Isles. No one seems to know where the dance originated. In recent years, it has been performed around the infamous Maypole that Englishman, John Winthrop of Colonial America was so chastised for celebrating during the Pagan celebration of Beltane.


Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret Genealogy a how-to for finding ancient Jewish ancestry available at Amazon and B&N.