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Next the Injustices of Slavery?
A "how-to" genealogical reference book for tracing thousands of years of ancestry.

I am extraordinarily curious about colonial slavery and I hope writing about it will uncover why. I am very white but like many Americans, I have plenty of ancestral roots heralding from colonial slave states and why, as little children, did my sister and I pretend we were slaves? In a very serious manner, I would pull her around in a wagon and we would speak what we believed was slavery dialogue.


I have a pattern of basing my novels on people who have suffered injustices. (Although the stories are rather sexy and string romances together). “Lies of the Lion” is the story of post-Inquisitional Jews in Amsterdam who built communities while pretending they were Christians. “The Celtic Prince” is about the evolution of people away from their native Judaic roots and the pain it entails. “Gold River” is about a struggle for Native Americans to preserve ancient burial grounds. My next project will no doubt include delving into the history surrounding Colonial Slaves. I touched on it in “The Celtic Prince” but will explore and share the findings much more extensively in the next story.


Suellen Ocean is the author of “Secret Genealogy” available at Amazon.