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Bad Days Are For Never Giving UP
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Some how we all seem to think that one day we’ll never have another bad day again. Money, retirement, better job, new house, new religion, or a new body will propel us from the bad days. Not true. We propel ourselves from the bad days by crawling to the door to go for that walk, or to have enough faith, to pull weeds, for a garden that is impossibly overgrown.


I stayed up until one o’clock last night working on a blog about Hitler. No wonder I woke up in an unpleasant state. Nor was the hot morning sun beating through my window enticing. But at lunchtime I forced myself to sit in the shade and listen to the birds. Before long I heard myself singing a little tune, a different tune. Now I have enough energy to work on my novel about the aspiring young musician who got his arm shot off in a pot garden. Sounds like I’m going to need another walk but that’s O.K. Bad days are for never giving up.


Suellen Ocean is the author of Gold River one of her books for a buck available at Amazon.