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An Open Letter to Johnny Depp
A window into a world most of us know little about.

Dear Johnny,


The world has embraced you as theirs. You step outside the boundaries of mortality with the relaxed, carefree way in which you approach your craft. But at the same time, in your real life (if the world has allowed you to have one) you speak up against injustices. So it is perfectly reasonable that I should want you to play Celtic Prince Jonathan in my historical fiction movie, The Celtic Prince. This golden-torched young man Jonathan is the son of a liaison between the king and his mistress (an excellent castle cook). Mentored by a medieval Knights Templar who takes refuge in the castle, the boy grows up within the castle kitchen, tagging along occasionally when his parents commit indiscreet liaisons behind the Queen’s back. Since no Johnny Depp movie is without a love interest, the grown Celtic Prince Jonathan has a torrid love affair with the daughter of one of Europe’s established secret society families.


A film with a glimpse of the historic druids is in your future, so give a shout out Johnny when you’re ready to don a golden torque and kilt, and portray the colorful, meaningful role of Celtic Prince Jonathan.



Suellen Ocean, author of The Celtic Prince available at Amazon.