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Sue Guiney's Books

A Clash of Innocents
It’s not supposed to be cold in February, not in Phnom Penh. Deborah, a 60-year-old American expat, is on her way back to the Khmer Home for Blessed Children which she has run for ten years. A young woman in her twenties is waiting for her. Another American, but with flip-flops and a backpack, she asks, 'Are you Deborah Young? I’m here to help. So begins a story of hidden...
Tangled Roots
Two people, an aging son and his mother, roots forever entangled. . . John, a forty-year-old Professor of Theoretical Physics, finds himself alone and stuck. Unwillingly, he faces a turning point where he must confront his past and accept it. Grace, his mother, sits in her living room telling stories of their lives and so reveals her own view of “what really happened.” In...
Dreams of May
Dreams of May is that rarity, a poetry play. Featuring 22 poems for a single voice, Sue Guiney describes a journey that starts on a train and travels throughout a tumultuous range of emotions before finding a peace in dreams.