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  As folks travel east and west on Route 13, they have long seen a large star lighting an old barn during the holiday season.  When Mary Ellen and Brian took over the emptied place for weekend living more than a year ago, they were delighted that the sons of the man who created the star...
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I will not be able to attend this upcoming production in California.Let me share this email information from my friend Dr. Hua-ling Hu for you California Red Room members who might be able to attend.  On Wednesday, November 27, 2013 6:32 AM, hua-linghu <hualinghu@aol.com> wrote: Dear All...
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Last year on my 79th birthday, my grandkids surprised me with a 29th birthday party. With the Thanksgiving break on the dates it is this year, our families were not able to be here last Saturday, but I had an abundance of cards, calls, and Facebook good wishes from them and others.  I could...
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 Early in the summer we received a wedding invitation for a couple of whom I am fond. This was a second wedding for both, and they hadn’t registered for gifts.  Knowing they already had the usual household needs, I purchased a gift card figuring they could find something they could use....
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The large artistic pumpkin that grandson Sam and his girl friend Anna created  and left on our front porch had to be turned around.  Now the rotting edges of their cut art does not show. Earlier I had enjoyed the magic I always feel when a jack-o-lantern is lit.   The field...
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Great fun reading this review's take on our granddaughter Leslie Ellen Eiler Thompson: http://www.examiner.com/review/literary-classic-little-women-get-musical-treatment-at-larry-keeton-theatre
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For the latest Red Room blogging topic, I am going to share this poem, which I wrote long ago based on a true experience when I still had time to research and ponder family history.  I had searched years before for this grave and had decided Elizabeth was probably buried in an unmarked grave...
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As a child, Jean Claire, our middle daughter, always seemed to have a kitten or a sketch pad in her hands.  Jeannie grew up drawing, and I loved all the pictures she created. Now that she teaches art, I love seeing her students’ work.  (She had a terrible time learning to ride her...
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With nephew DuWayne’s help, we made a good trip to Georgia this past weekend—the first time I’d been away from the Illinois since we made the same quick trip to visit son Gerry’s family last year this time. We arrived later on Friday than we’d hoped.  Our first slow-...
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As I looked out the living room windows, two scarlet patches of leaves were there in the midst of the green to delight me. A tree that Gerald planted over 11 years ago.    Looking out the kitchen window across the driveway and behind the garden, tall brown corn awaits the combine....
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 Earlier in the week, I drove home from Katherine’s quite late; but with the way lit by the beautiful full harvest moon, I enjoyed the drive.  I was able to reflect on all the joy of company we have had so far this month.  It started with Gerry and Vickie’s visit the first weekend in...
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Tall corn stands thick and proud these hot muggy  August days. The neighbors’ soy bean fields delighted my eyes as I drove home from our village library and after visiting with a friend today.   The lovely bushy greenness spread out to the horizon like a warm wavy blanket. ...
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Stuff (life) just keeps happening and does not seem to slow down.  Good things. Bad things.  But too much at once.  And lots of zucchini to cope with.  VBS came and went with little effort on my part but much enjoyment with grandkids in the house.  Elijah was at our village...
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How can it be that our young people are not safe to walk in their home neighborhoods at 7:30 in the evening? How can it be that wearing a hoodie makes someone suspicious?  How can it be that a court room lawyer would think it okay to make bad jokes in front of  parents whose child had...
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Seems like yesterday that our grandkids first came to the farm to be together and attend Vacation Bible School at our village church:  Elijah, Trent, Geri Ann, and Brianna.  As usual, I was helping there, so it was easy to take them along. For these preschoolers, staying at the farm for...
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