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Winners of the 2010 Southern Illinois Writers Guild National Contest

I am wondering if there are any other RR writers on this list

 Southern Illinois Writers Guild president Jim Lambert sent this email yesterday  morning with a list of winners from Roger Poppen, Contest Chair:Below are our writing contest winners. I think two things are
noteworthy: First, the national reach. We had 130 entries from 22
states. Second, how well local writers did. Of 18 prize and honorable
mention winners, 5 are from Southern Illinois. Roger
================SIWG 2010 Writing Contest Winners==================
POETRY 1. "Redemption" by Adrian S. Potter, Minnetonka MN. 2.
"Wrenching" by Crystal Carey, Tulsa OK. 3,tie. "Another Winter" by Emily Hayes, Carterville IL. 3,tie. "Education" by Adrian S. Potter,
Minnetonka MN. HM "Tropic of Cancer" by Maurice Hirsch, Chesterfield MO. HM "Trust Me, if You Will," by Maurice Hirsch, Chesterfield MO. HM "An Obedient Wife" by Sue Glasco, Marion IL. HM "Waiting for Midnight" by Ellarine Lockie, Sunnyvale CA.
FICTION 1. "Goosepimples" by Dallas Woodburn, Ventura CA. 2. "Ticks" by
Clint Walker, Mattoon IL.
3. "Sounds True" by Dawn Baldwin, Lewisburg
WV. HM "Bite" by Dawn Baldwin, Lewisburg WV. HM "The Tallest Building in Topeka" by Clint Walker, Mattoon IL.
 NONFICTION 1. “Just Add Water” by Murray Edwards, Clyde, TX. 2. “Cutting the Cord” by C. Lill Aherns, Corvallis, OR. 3. “I Remember, Grandma” by Lucinda Gunnin, Carterville, IL. HM: “Reading the Blanks” by Janet McCann, College Station TX. HM: “Lives, Interrupted” by Christy Wise, Washington, DC. HM: “The Bird and Bees and Little Red Peppers” by C. Lill Aherns, Corvallis OR. 

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Humble pie indeed!

Congratulations! Oh, you sneaky, sneak, Sue. Honorable, very, very honorable! Is this poem one we will soon see? All your fans are going to want to read it!
Congratulations, again. ~ Mara

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Funny Sue

You are a sneak for sure! Congratulations, Ms Illinois superwriter! This is a great bit of news to end the day with.

Let is know how we can read the piece, please.


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Thanks Mara and Christine.

I was somewhat amazed at this because I rarely write poetry. I would very much like to, but I can't. I wasn't even sure this thing was a poem--or at least not one that should be shared. I was embarrassed to enter this in the contest--but I had never entered our contests, and I wanted to participate. (I think Roger Poppin has helped us conduct three of them or maybe more.) So I decided to enter both the poetry and fiction divisions even tho I also do not write fiction as a rule. I wanted to support Roger and our contest. I just wanted to take part since I never had. And the contest deadline was earlier than our anthology deadline, but SIWG members' entries could be then used in our anthology. I figured this was one way to get ahead and not be pressured at last minute for the anthology. Problem is that the page limit for the contest for fiction is greater than the 1500 word limit for anthology fiction. (I had not realized this.) So I still have some sweating to do to cut my story and I am not sure I can. The poem will be in the anthology whenever our volunteer editors get it completed. They need more entries we were told Thursday night--but I still have to cut my story. Ah well. I will not do anything with the poem until after the anthology is published--don't think I should share it yet. I am not really sneaky. I am shocked. Pleasantly so. Thanks for your comments!

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Great news, Sue! What a nice

Great news, Sue! What a nice surprise! :)

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Sue, many congratulations!

I hope this will prove a catalyst for excursions in poetry.

Poetry, by its nature, is subjective, so take courage. It's *your* vision that you strive to make accessible to others through memorable images and disciplined syllables. Imagine the reader - who is not primed by your unique experience. Strive for clarity - but sometimes rhythm can speak where words can't. Listen to your most heartfelt murmurings, practise expressing them, tap into the pattern of their phrases...

I really have no qualification for giving advice, but I feel passionately about this.

There's a lot of the 'Emperor's New Clothes' about the poetry scene, so don't be put off!

And good luck!

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Thanks Rebb and Rosy...

Rosy, I loved your advise. I think it is excellent. Maybe it will help me be more productive.

If I sit down to deliberately write a poem (haiku excluded), I become totally blank.

But on very rare occasions, when I have had an intense emotional experience, I sit down not necessarily to write a poem but to get emotional release, and that is when I have a poem come on the page--to my own surprise. Except for teenage/college scriblings and gift-giving sing song rimes, I believe I have written only l0 poems in my life. One was published lo ago in national English Journal and later in one of the English association's anthologies, and I was very proud of that. (I gave up rights to that one when it was published.) One was published in local Radio Free Boskedell, an anthology a local group got a grant for, and I was pleased with that. One was a family history true story, and I sent it to Jefferson County, IL, website in appreciation for women there for walking and recording grave sites. I love this particular poem--not because I consider it great poetry but because the story is very important to me.

Otherwise, my few poems have been published in our previous anthologies and are also on my website: http://sueglascotripod.com. On the Martin Family History page of that website, I provide a link to the Elizabeth (Martin) Martin poem at the Jefferson County genealogy website.

Oh. I have a correction. I have written eleven poems. My strongest poem is about Priscilla on the Trail of Tears. I sent it off twice, and I am glad it was not accepted because as research has continued, I think some facts are different than when I wrote the poem several years ago. I use it often times (with some changes as research progressed) as a conclusion when I speak on Priscilla and the Trail of Tears.

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On Martin History page, click on info for Wm Felix Grundy Marti

Just visited my Martin History page on my website for the first time in much too long. 

The  family history true story poem called "Elizabeth (Martin) Martin," which is on the Jefferson County, IL, website, is found by clicking on the link for finding out more about William Felix Grundy Martin. My website again: http://sueglasco.tripod.com.   I had forgotten how I had labeled this link.

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Sue, I'm going to agree with the others now:)

You have been hiding your light under a bushel! How can you say that you can't write poetry? You can. You do! You capture the essence of those fleeting but telling moments in everyday life in a way that is a lot more memorable than a photograph. And so wholesome and eco-friendly, too  - don't know how else to say this, but it's charming.

Dare to trust your instinct, your own rhythms.  And keep writing those poems!

Thanks for the link!