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Jake and Other Late Summer Pleasures

Jake, the little black and white squirrel dog who lives at Woodsong, takes afternoon naps across the driveway beside the garden. I like looking out the kitchen window and seeing him at his special chosen spot underneath the shade of the sweet gum tree that Gerald planted a decade ago. This is where he quickly takes any proffered bone. He much prefers a table scrap to the dog food that Gerald provides in the bowl in the shop, and Jake carries morsels there to enjoy.  I wondered this afternoon if he is dreaming of squirrel hunting.

Our great grandson Aidan woke up from the Georgia football game the other Saturday afternoon talking about coming up here to squirrel hunt.   I wonder if that was what Aidan had dreamed about.  Obviously we need for Jake and Aidan to get together.  Gerald believes Jake is ready for his first season of squirrel hunting since throughout the summer he has treed a turtle, moles, and bugs and raised quite a ruckus doing so.  

This evening before Gerald had even reached our lane with his tractor, I saw Jake alert and running briskly towards the road. He must have recognized the sound of the tractor long before he saw it.  I don’t like it, but he chases and barks at cars and trucks of visitors despite our scolding.  Yet he never barks at our car or Gerald’s pickup.  He does come down the road to meet either of our vehicles and lets us know how glad he is to see us.

Now that we have finally had rains, the black and white moving spot he makes on the landscape bouncing through bright green green grass somehow makes me happy.  His little tail is held high in a  near perfect circle above his body.  If I walk to the mailbox, he will be my companion as he is every morning to Gerald when he walks down the lane to get the paper. Jake soon tires of my slow walk and is off on jaunts through the fields on one side of the road or other. But he will come back periodically and check on my progress.

Not only has the grass revived its color, but today I saw three yellow day lily blooms beside the house and several buds promising more.  Then I realized that their brown foliage that had looked so ugly this summer was again green.  I have neglected all the outside flower beds because it has been much too hot to go out and work with them.  With the cooler weather at hand, my excuse has gone away. I am sure I can find another.

Gerald greatly reduced his gardening this year, but the okra, tomatoes, and cantaloupe he planted are all on our meal table frequently now.  Summer is ending with many pleasures.


























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I loved this, Sue. I

I loved this, Sue. I absolutely soaked in every morsel of it with great joy!

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How lovely Sue. What will you

How lovely Sue. What will you do with the Okra? And I adore Squirrel Dog. I think Small Dog might have a companion here! All in all an uplifting and treasured piece of writing. mx

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@Mary--We eat it.  Often fried the way Gerald's mother taught me to fix it.  Wash and cut into coins.  Coat with cornmeal. Fry in olive oil or other oil.  This is not deep fried like in restaurants. Just in a skillet with a little oil and close watch and stirring. Start and finish with high burner for a nice crust, and on low temp in the middle to be sure it is cooked through.Salt and papper and serve.  Our grandkids love this.  Therefore, I will cut up any extra and put in freezer bags to fix this way throughout the year when the grandkids are here.

For just me and Gerald, I often fix it the heathier way:  leave it whole and stick it in the microwave for 2 or 3 minutes and serve. 

I sometimes stick the okra coins in veggie soups. 

Wish small dog and Jake could have a play date.  Over at Pondside Farm in our old days, little Jeannie had a sweet little solid white Peek-a-poo named Taffy.  The little boy Eddy down the road had a little solid black dog, who would come to see Taffy.  They were the cutest things playing together in our large side yard by the pond.  At that time, our kids mowed our yard.  Jeannie loved to be on the riding lawn mower because Taffy would be right there in her arms enjoying the ride.


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Sue, I love the sound of the

Sue, I love the sound of the Okra. I rarely see it for sale here. Come to think of it almost never. I wonder why. I too wish Small dog had such animated friends. But come to think of it so do I! Your pond sounds lovely and such a treasured image you portray. mx

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Oh to be a happy,

Oh to be a happy, tail-wagging, squirrel-chasing canine!  Thanks for sharing this vignette of Jake.  I hope he has many more days of joy under the sweet gum tree.


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Thanks, Rebb, Mary, and Kelly!

Actually thanks to all who read about our Jake and thanks to the Rebb, Mary, and Kelly for the comments and good wishes for Jake.  I'll tell him he has fans throughout the world.