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Freedom of Speech. Freedom to Quote Scripture

A hoodie is not a hat. Why does Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss, think so? I wore a hoodie last Friday night for warmth at a ball game down in Mississippi. If someone had asked me later if I had a hat on a the game, I would have said no, I was wearing a hoodie. A hoodie is a very useful garment these cool spring evenings. No dictionary nor catalog calls a hoodie a hat. No one except Gregg Harper.

Why did Harper not let Bobby Rush speak? Did Harper just not want Bobby Rush to quote scripture? Or does he disapprove of someone expressing sympathy for the killing of a child? What was Harper’s motive? Why was Rep. Bobby Rush’s freedom of speech taken away? Why do I think that if our Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush had been a white Republican from Mississippi he would have been allowed to speak? Bobby Rush deserved the five minutes he was entitled to.

His very dignificed delivery of Micah 6:8 and Jesus’s words reading from Isaiah as found in Luke 4:18-20 should not have been objectionable to any reasonable person. As Harper banged his gavel, the decorum of Bobby Rush, who lost his own son to gun violence, was above reproach. He wore a dignified suit and tie onto the House floor. When he took off his jacket and revealed the hoodie underneath, which he then pulled over his head, he demonstrated clearly that he was still the same man despite hoodie. He also demonstrated his sympathy for people who are arrested or shot too often because someone rushes to judgment because of their color or clothing.

I do not want any child of any color being followed and shot because of their clothing. Our nation could profit from hearing the scripture Rep. Bobby Rush was trying to quote when Harper kicked him out of the House. I want our children to be safe on our streets.