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Farm near Marion, Illinois. School and church located in the village of Crab Orchard.
Over 50 years to Gerald D. Glasco, Sr.
Apr 2008

Sue Glasco spent her childhood in the small town of Jonesboro in Southern Illinois and she has loved small towns ever since. During the four summer months when her teacher parents had no salary, she spent  her early summers at Mt. Airy Farm near Goreville, Illinois, and she has loved rural life ever since.   After college at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, she spent that first summer in Greenwich Village and has loved being in cities ever since.  After one year of teaching in a Chicago suburb, she married agriculture student Gerald D. Glasco.  After he finished his masters at the University of Illinois and taught one term at Western Illinois University, they were able to lease a farm in the Mississippi River bottoms.  After three years there, they moved to Columbiana Ranch on the banks of the Illinois River before they had the  opportunity to go in debt and buy a farm in Williamson County, Illinois, in coal mining country.  They have continuing farming there although Gerald is now retired and a son-in-law leases the farm.  Sue's primary vocation was farm wife and rearing four children.  She explains she had a haphazard career in education as a substitute teacher in K-12; a part time English, speech, and journalism teacher on secondary level and at area community colleges; and finally a Franklin County family literacy coordinator for Rend Lake College.  She retired in 1998 and returned to writing in her spare time, which is scarce, since she is still involved with housewifery, children, and grandchildren.  As a 74-year-old, she is delighted to be in the stimulating company of such up and coming talented 29-year-old achievers who started Red Room. 


Jesse Stuart, Madeliene L'Engle, John Steinbeck, Erma Bombeck, Linda Rush, Diana Dodd, Lynn Dillow Borde

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Interests:  writing, reading, neurology, Trail of Tears, local history, family history, religion, education, out-of-doors, agriculture, rural life, girls softball.