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Stewart Florsheim's Books

A Split Second of Light
"Mother...wants to know why I keep writing," Stewart Florsheim says in his moving and heartbreaking poem, "Mother Wants to Know."  "It's not about me I hope," she adds.  Well, it is about her, and about us, and about hope, and the interrelation of life and art.  I celebrate this new collection of poems which reminds me how we live for those split...
The Short Fall from Grace
"Stewart Florsheim has written a Moebius strip of a book, starting with the nearly unspeakable grief of being the child of ill-matched parents, and proceeding by turns into the amorous education of a young man, the perspicuity of a middle-aged aesthete (many of the poems here take their cue from great paintings), and finally marriage and fatherhood, which loop back with irony...