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Veteran journalist Steven Travers is now writing for the political web site http://www.wnd.com/, which also publishes WorldNetWeekly magazine and is considering publication of his book What Is Truth? Powers That Were, Powers That Are. WorldNetDaily.com is considered one of the leading conservative web sites in the world. Travers will start out with the freedom to pursue a relatively wide array of subject matter ranging from straight politics to history, sports with a socio-cultural edge, book/film reviews, and other areas. Travers is the author of 20 books. He wrote screenplays in Hollywood for five years; was a prep sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times and L.A. Daily News; a columnist for StreetZebra magazine in L.A.; and a sports columnist at the old San Francisco Examiner. He has done much freelance work, including regular contributions at http://crimsonreplay.com/index.php, Gentry magazine, and his regular blog at http://redroom.com/member/steven-robert-travers/, which draws between 2,500 and 3,000 visitors most days. Travers’s feature profile of controversial talk radio host Dr. Michael Savage in the July issue of Gentry drew critical praise and was read verbatim by Dr. Savage to his audience of 8-10 million rabid listeners.     


Travers is a former professional baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Oakland A’s organizations,including the best-selling Barry Bonds: Baseball’s Superman, nominated for a Casey Award as Best Baseball Book of 2002; and One Night, Two Teams: Alabama vs. USC and the Game that Changed a Nation (a 2007 PNBA nominee, subject of the CBS/CSTV documentary Tackling Segregation, and soon to be a major motion picture). He pitched for the Redwood High School baseball team in California that won the national championship in his senior year, before attending college on an athletic scholarship and earning all-conference honors. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Steven coached at USC, Cal-Berkeley and in Europe; served in the Army; attended law school; was a political consultant; and was a sports agent. His screenplays include The Lost Battalion, 21 and Wicked.  He has a daughter, Elizabeth Travers, and lives in California. He can be reached at USCSTEVE1@aol.com. His web site is redroom.com/member/steven-robert-travers and he is represented in Hollywood by Lloyd Robinson of Suite A Management; in New York City by his literary agent, Ian Kleinert of Objective Entertainment.


Books written by Steven Travers


One Night, Two Teams: Alabama vs. USC and the Game That Changed A Nation (also a documentary, Tackling Segregation, and soon to be a major motion picture)

A’s Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real Fan!

Trojans Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real Fan!

Dodgers Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real Fan!

Angels Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real Fan!

D’Backs Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real

The USC Trojans: College Football's All-Time Greatest Dynasty

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Los Angeles Lakers

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Oakland Raiders

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly San Francisco 49ers

Barry Bonds: Baseball’s Superman

Pigskin Warriors: 140 Years of College Football's Greatest Games, Players and Traditions

The 1969 Miracle Mets

Dodgers Baseball Yesterday & Today

A Tale of Three Cities: New York, L.A. and San Francisco During the 1962 Baseball Season

What It Means To Be a Trojan: Southern Cal’s Greatest Players Talk About Trojans Football

The Poet: The Life and Los Angeles Times of Jim Murray

The Last Icon: Tom Seaver’s Town, His Team, and His Times

God's Country: A Conservative, Christian Worldview of How History Formed the United States Empire and America's Manifest Destiny for the 21st Century

Angry White Male

The Writer’s Life.

The USC Mafia: From the Frat House to the White House to the Big House

Ambition: My Struggles to Fail and Succeed in Baseball, Politics, Hollywood, Writing . . . and the Rocky Path I’ve Walked With Christ

What Is Truth? The Powers That Were, The Powers That Are


Praise for Steve Travers


Steve Travers is the next great USC historian, in the tradition of Jim Murray, John Hall, and Mal Florence! . . . the Trojan Family needs your work. Fight On!

- USC Head Football Coach Pete Carroll


. . . Steve Travers tells us all about the exciting and remarkable football . . . . that not only changed the way the game is played; it . . . changed the world.

- Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump


Steve Travers combines wit, humor, social pathos and historical knowledge with the kind of sports expertise that only an ex-jock is privy to; it is reminiscent of the work of Jim Bouton, Pat Jordan and Dan Jenkins, combined with Jim Murray' turn of phrase, Hunter Thompson's hard-scrabble Truths, and David Halberstam's unique take on our nation's place in history. His writing is great storytelling, and the result is pure genius every time.

- Westwood One radio personality Michael McDowd


Steve Travers is a great writer, an educated athlete who knows how to get inside the player's heads, and when that happens, greatness occurs. He's gonna be a superstar.

- San Francisco Examiner


Steve Travers is a phenomenal writer, an artist who labors over every word to get it just right, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of sports and history.

- StreetZebra


Steve Travers is a “Renaissance man.”

- Jim Rome Show


He is very qualified to continue to write books such as this one. Good job.

- Marty Lurie/Right Off the Bat Oakland A's Pregame Host


Steve's a literate ex-athlete, an ex-Trojan, and a veteran of Hollywood, too.

- Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton/XTRA Radio, San Diego


You've done some good writin', dude.

- KFOG Radio, San Francisco


[Travers is] one of the great sportswriters on the current American scene.

- Joe Shea/Radio Talk Host and Editor


Travers appears to have the right credentials for the task.

- USA Today Baseball Weekly


A very interesting read which is not your average . . . book. . . . Steve has achieved his bona fides when it comes to having the credentials to write a book like this.

- Geoff Metcalfe/KSFO Radio, San Francisco


This is a fascinating book written by a man who knows his subject matter inside and out.

— Irv Kaze/KRLA Radio, Los Angeles


Travers . . . established himself as a writer of many dimensions . . . a natural.

— John Jackson/Ross Valley Reporter


Steve Travers is a true USC historian and a loyal Trojan!

— Former USC football player John Papadakis


Pete Carroll calls you "the next great USC historian," high praise indeed.

- Rob Fukuzaki/ABC7, Los Angeles


You’re a great writer and I always enjoy your musings, particularly on SC football – huge fan!

- Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane


Steven Travers is one of the most accomplished sports journalists in our nation today and One Night, Two Teams is his defining work to this point.

- Strandbooks.com


Travers, a USC grad, portrays the game and USC’s victory as a tipping point in the integration of college football and the South, a triumph for the forces of equality . . . his larger view of the game hits home in most respects, and he provides a compelling account- drawing from dozens of interviews with participants, coaches, drawing from dozens of others - of a clash between two schools with decidedly different approaches to the composition of their football rosters . . . All in all, an intriguing premise and a well-told story.

- Wes Lukowsky, Booklist