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1966. The year of change. The year of division. The middle of the 1960s, the great dividing line between what America had been, and what it became. All of it, in all its color, glory and ugliness, came symbolically together on a hot, humid weekend in Austin, Texas.  The protagonist? None other John “Duke” Wayne, the larger-than-life movie hero of countless Westerns and war...
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Forget Ring Lardner, Grantland Rice, and the others. Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Timeswas not merely the best writer but the single greatest sports columnist who ever lived—period. Known for his highly descriptive metaphors and phrasing—e.g., “a strike zone the sizeof Hitler’s heart”—Murray was a poet. Time magazine sent the Connecticut native to Hollywood in 1948 to cover the...
This book tells the complete, unvarnished story of the great Tom Seaver, that rarest of all American heroes, the New York Sports Icon. In a city that produces not mere mortals but sports gods, Seaver represented the last of a breed and he stayed at the top for twenty years. Here is Tom Terrific of the Amazin' Mets, worthy of a place alongside DiMaggio, Ruth, Mantle, and Namath in...
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What fans don’t love to relive the good times of their favorite team? Likewise, in a twisted sort of way, what fans can really resist a self-pitying look back on some of those times that tested their allegiance? Those forgettable games, seasons, and plays that made the good times even better? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly San Francisco 49ers by Steven Travers presents all the...
From the leather helmet era to the media circus of college football today, Travers presents a carefully researched examination of college football and its role in our society. Photographs complement the text, providing a deep sense of how the sport has evolved, details our obsession with identifying winners, and uses examples of popular culture-- the top 8 football movies of all...
  CONTENTS   Foreword: What It Means to Be a Trojan by Pete Carroll Editor's Acknowledgements Introduction   The THIRTIES             Norman Bing, Ambrose Schindler   The FORTIES             Bill Gray, Jim Hardy, Gordon Gray   The FIFTIES Frank Gifford, Al "Hoagy" Carmichael, Tom Nickoloff, Sam "the Toe" Tsagalakis, Marv Goux, Jon Arnett, C.R. Roberts, Monte...
A Tale of Three Cities
Nineteen sixty-two—it’s been called “the end of innocence,” as America witnessed the Cuban Missile Crisis and the following year saw the Kennedy assassination and the early stirrings of Vietnam. In baseball, 1962 was a thrilling season. Five years prior the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants had migrated west to Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, leaving New York to the...
1955 World Championship
From their origins as the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1884, through their departure from their beloved borough in 1957, to their record-breaking popularity in sunny Los Angeles, the Dodgers baseball team has been an unstoppable force in professional baseball for well over a century. The franchise has captured a record 21 National League titles, won six World Series championships, and...
Product DescriptionTHE 1969 MIRACLE METS is a retrospective of the 1969 season and World Series championship of the "Amazin Mets", scheduled for March 2009 publication to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the 1969 miracle season, a seminal event in baseball and New York history. The Mets' new stadium as well as the new Yankee Stadium are due to open at that time, and...
Are you ready for the real story of the Oakland Raiders? As one of the NFL's greatest franchises, the Raiders have a long history of legends and goats, great comebacks and colossal failures, NFL championships and heartbreaking losses. The memories will come flooding back as fans read about the hard-hitting, hard-partying teams coached by John Madden; renegade owner Al Davis, who...
Is USC the greatest program in the history of college football? That is a question that author Steven Travers asks and answers in the pages of Trojans Essential, a volume that USC fans will find as satisfying as a warm autumn Saturday at L.A. Coliseum. Southern California's recent run of success under the leadership of Pete Carroll is only the latest chapter in an amazing football...
In sweltering heat of September of 1970 on Legion Field, the USC Trojans and the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide played a game that defined the emancipation of the South from its sordid history of racial segregation. When USC's black running back Sam The Bam Cunningham ran roughshod all over the all-white Crimson Tide, more than a football game was won. Based on interviews...
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A one-stop record containing everything A's fans want to know about their favorite baseball team, this resource is packed with anecdotes, history, explanations of traditions, statistics, trivia, and photos.
Editorial ReviewsProduct DescriptionThe Arizona Diamondbacks are one of baseball's most vibrant and beloved franchises, and everything you need to know about them is in Diamondbacks Essential: the clutch hitters, the dominating pitchers, and the memorable flakes. Looking for a handy reference for milestones in Diamondbacks history? It's here, as are the greatest moments and biggest...
Foreword by Bud Furillo     www.triumphbooks.com   a partner of   Random House   STORIES, STATISTICS, FACTS, FIGURES, ANECDOTES, TRIVIA . . . AND MORE     Copyright by Steven Travers (2007)   FRONT INSIDE COVER   Praise for Steven Travers   Steve Travers is (a) great . . . historian. - USC Head Football Coach Pete Carroll   Steve Travers combines wit, humor, social pathos and...