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O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongeth; O god, to whom vengeance shew thyself.

            Lift up thyself, thou judge of the earth; render a reward to the proud.

            Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?

            How long shall they utter and speak hard things? and all the workers of iniquity boast themselves?

            They break in pieces thy people, O Lord, and afflict thine heritage.


- Psalm 94: 1-5


When President Bush, adorned in a flak jacket, announced triumph in Iraq in 2003, the Republicans felt, as the Democrats may have felt in 1964, 1976 and 1992, that they were the “winners of history.” An unknown Asian-American Washington state legislator named Gary Locke was offered as the Democrats’ sacrificial lamb to “rebut” Bush’s State of the Union speech. When Bush and his party swept aside all opposition, winning with a record number of votes in 2004, hubris marked their victory.

How did they blow it? In short, instead of annihilating the terrorists of Iraq in a major display of force in 2005, they fought, almost Vietnam-style, with their “hands tied behind their backs.” A war that could have been handled by 2005 dragged on and on. Even though the Surge effectively “won” it in 2007, it was not a satisfying victory. Violence continued. Nobody was happy with the outcome. Nation-building failed, and it cost the country so much money that one of the great economies ever achieved, reaching a crest in 2007, was lost after the Democrats took over Congress.

Illegal immigration was not handled properly. Bush also spent tremendously, falling into the age-old corruptions of D.C. budget temptations. When the sub-prime crisis caught him by surprise, he opened the door wide open for Barack Obama and the Left when he signed the first stimulus package. He was practically telling them to bring Socialism to America, and in so doing signed a death sentence for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Barack Obama emerged out of nowhere. The first time most Americans ever heard of him was when he spoke at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. Even Rush Limbaugh announced after his speech that “he’s got it,” the charisma a winning candidate must have. The old, tired Hillary Clinton was shocked first to see Obama had a chance, then actually losing to him in the 2008 Primaries. No man had ever been elected President whose name was unknown to 99 percent of the public a mere four years before their election. Teddy Roosevelt had risen in similar fast manner, but he had been a crusading New York politician, cleaning up Tammany Hall in the 1880s. He disappeared to “find himself” on a Montana cowboy ranch after his first wife died, but returned to the scene.

Barack Hussein Obama arrived with the mother of all agendas. At the heart of his goal was the concept of social justice, which on the surface sounds . . . cool, but is not the same as military justice, criminal justice, or just plain justice. It is based on the notion that world history is dominated by white males. At one point, Asians and Arabs were the world dynasties, while white Europeans were still living in caves, wearing animal skins. Warm weather played a major role in historical development. The peoples of the Middle East, once the Persian Empire, lived in warmth, allowing them to freely move about, invent things, and engage in commerce.

The warm weather Europeans, Greeks and Romans, were the first to emerge as empires of intellect, philosophy and military conquest. After the birth of Christ, the religion spread to Europe but was largely rejected by dark-skinned peoples in Asia Minor. The Renaissance ensued, with Europeans at the head of the new world order. But the Catholic Church, according to the accusations of social justice, imposed racist, violent doctrines on indigenous peoples, namely through the Spanish Inquisition. Colonization ensued. America was born with the “original sin” of slavery. Even after a fighting a war to free blacks, they were subjected to another 100 years of prejudice before the country won two world wars and finally, as Dr. King said, “lived up to its creed” and embraced civil rights for all throughout the land.

But for many blacks, Latinos and others, it was not enough. Victimology spread. Race extortion, reparation, a desire to repair past wrongs by extracting from the modern day white man, whose ancestors had committed these crimes, became the driving force of a new ideology called social justice. At the heart of this philosophy is the belief that whites, particularly males and those who espouse pride in past accomplishments, whether it be Western Civilization, the Constitution, even winning World War II, were racist, corrupt, immoral, illegitimate, and needed to be replaced by history.

Many have argued who Barack Hussein Obama is. Where he comes from, what he has read and believes, what drives him. Many argue that he is not one of those “victims” who holds this grudge against Caucasians, that he himself is half-white, and that he is not an advocate of this particularly virulent brand of social justice; indeed, that social justice is not a pejorative in the first place, as the term liberalism has become. After a review of four years of his Presidency, there are a large number of citizens who have come to believe that he does believe in this philosophy. This leads to the great question, to be answered in 2012 and in subsequent culture battles for the soul of America: what side will win?


Obama, Alinsky and Communism

It does not start with Barack Obama. He is a product of something that was around long before he was even born, yet he is, despite the mocking of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and his numerous detractors, “the one” the Left has long been waiting for, a messianic figure of liberalism who is to them what Jesus Christ was to the Jewish prophets. He is their hopes and dreams, imagined in their minds for over 100 years, this vision manifest in flesh and blood to fulfill their goal of rebellion.

            The Jonas’s, the Samuels, the Ezekiels, the John the Baptists of the Left were Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Immanuel Kant, Henry David Thoreau, Emma Goldman, Jean-Paul Sarte, Albert Camus, Che Guevara, and Noam Chomsky. They looked for their North Star not in Heaven, but in the seeds of revolution in Russia, China, Cambodia . . . Kenya.


His father was a Kenyan. Obama wrote two biographies, both before he accomplished much of anything. There was a sense that because he was half-black, and came also from  a mixture of racial identities including Islam, Indonesia, American hippy culture and the plains of Kansas, this made him unusual and interesting enough to publish books about himself. Apparently, for somebody with this background to be smart enough to write a book, to be educated and advance in the world, led back to the affirmative action notion that such a person should be given a publishing deal while so many others faced rejection.

            He is not always a truth teller. He invents scenarios and stories to further his view of himself. The first evidence of this comes in his books. He writes of a grandfather who was tortured by the British for fighting on the side of the Mau Mau rebellion, but evidence uncovered by his biographer, David Maranis, disputes this. He writes of official discrimination and prejudice faced by his father, who ran out on his mother. This premise has many holes in it, including evidence that it was his mother who wanted out as much as his father abandoning the family to return to Africa, seeking a political career.

            There is an odd psychosis in inventing stories to enhance prejudice against his father, since he was an African-born black man married to a white American woman in the early 1960s. Unquestionably, there was plenty of prejudice against such a pairing, even in a place like Hawaii, but Obama felt the need to go beyond the ordinary run of the mill taunts and looks, enhancing it to a more political level of discrimination, possibly to “justify” his father’s decision to leave.

            His mother, who had some education and was a capable woman, was left to fend for herself. A single mother with a half-black child, there was scorn directed at her. It is in reading Obama’s views of his mother and her parents that we begin to see the formation of his character. His mom was a hippy girl, a flower child of the ‘60s. Her decision to marry and bare the son of a black was not merely physical lust or love, but a political act of white guilt, a form of reparations against age-old injustice. It was difficult for her. Obama was raised in large measure by his grandparents, white folks from the Midwestern plains, and all that entails. He was “colored,” but he was their flesh and blood and they loved him. He loved them back.

Yet, in his biographies, he finds complaint with them. First, he belies a lack of real respect for his mother, the guilty hippy child. There is anger in Obama, and not the kind of anger that identifies with guilt, his mother’s or his. He cannot identify with the plainspoken Americanism of his grandparents, who he apologizes for because they lacked, in his view, true enlightenment. The prospect of black criminals in his grandmother’s proximity frightened her. His mother’s approach likely would have been to reason with them, make them love her, and if they robbed, even raped her, to consider it small reparation for her “guilt.” The grandmother understandably wanted to avoid them. Neither approach was satisfactory to Obama. He oddly found himself identifying not with his guilty mother or accusatory grandmother, but with the black criminals, the real “victims” in his emerging world. In his writings he declares allegiance to blackness, and a definite rejection of whiteness. He finds and enters in these and subsequent years membership in a victim class of the oppressed, the plundered and the exploited. All he has, all people like him ever had, has been stolen by the white man, and in his world the white man, “the Man” is America. He does not find the lack of logic in this any more than Oliver Stone does in his “zero sum game” argument, given to Michael Douglas’s Gordon Gekko, who makes the faulty analogy that for one man to get rich, he must steal from a poor man even though the poor man has nothing than can be stolen. This is the nebulous notion of the rich man making the poor fella get a credit card and max it out so he has something that can be stolen. Or, the Indian thieves who always left enough in the Mexican village’s they plundered so the Mexicans could survive to grow harvests the Indians could steal from again the following year.

Obama was born in Hawaii. Neither of his parents could know that his middle name (Hussein) and last name would be the same or nearly the same as the two greatest American post-Cold War enemies (Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden). Many have said he was not born there, and the evidence is somewhat sketchy. He never produced real birth certificates, which is apparently the way Hawaii does it, but it was confusing. An announcement appeared in the paper, but his mother could have placed that there by sending in a note. Despite Right-wing arguments to the contrary, however, it appears he was born in Honolulu in 1961, shortly after statehood, and therefore he is an American.     

But there was also Indonesia. His mother re-married an Indonesian Muslim man who moved the family to Indonesia, where he apparently set out to raise his step-son under the auspices of Islam. He attended a madrassa. Muslim madrassas are filled with political hatred against the United States. To the extent that they were in the 1960s, and that the one Obama attended was one of those; this can only be speculated on. Maranis’s research indicates that while he learned much about Islam, came to admire its beauty and even grandeur, he remained an American, returning to his home country while still young, not a fully formed religious person.

The marriage failed and his mother died of cancer. Obama was left with his grandparents. He attended Punahou School in Honolulu, one of the most prestigious private academies in America. It was expensive and academically arduous. How he got in and who paid are unanswered questions. Perhaps he had the grades and his grandparents forked over the tuition money. The conspiracy theorists offer the scenario that he was “sponsored” by some nefarious political organization, not unlike the “Yuri” character who turns out to be Kevin Costner in No Way Out. These are the people who look at Bill Clinton in like manner. Clinton was the son of a woman who was likely a “gangster’s moll” in the mob town of Hot Springs, Arkansas. She paid her gambling debts via “favors,” and had children by different men. The thread on Clinton is that these criminal elements recognized his academic and political potential early, then decided to pay his way up the ladder of an elite education, supposedly so he would be their guy in power down the road.

Just as likely, Obama benefited from relatively new affirmative action policies kicking in to full extent by the late 1970s. Being black and probably unable to pay, he was what affirmative action was all about. His own biography describes not a good student, as Bill Clinton was, but a lazy slacker and drifter who smoked reefer, sniffed blow, drank copious amounts of beer, hung out with ne’r-do-wells, druggies, dealers, low lifes and criminals, was part of the notoriously skanky Waikiki beach scene, and whose only “healthy” interest was basketball.

This does not describe the kind of academic over-achiever who against all odds makes it to Occidental College or Columbia University. From all indications, affirmative action was his ticket from Punahou to Occidental to Columbia to Harvard Law School. Others see Muslim handlers, or even Communists behind his rise, but there is no evidence. Others argue that even though these scenarios may not be true, his political formation was as if it was. Each school was ludicrously expensive and incredibly hard to get into. Each was in a big city that cost a lot of money to live in. Each featured a social scene in which wealth and prestige were keys to advancement. There is no evidence he worked his way through college, but he always had money to wear the right clothes, attend the right parties, and ingratiate himself with the right people.

Nobody knows his grades, how he was accepted, or who paid the bills. Some speculated that he applied as a foreign student and declared his religion to be Muslim. Possibly there were affirmative action slots for students of this background and this was how he entered, via a lie. Without actually producing the records, the speculation continues.

Acceptance to and even graduation from Columbia is one thing, but acceptance to Harvard Law School is quite another. No matter how much preference he received, he surely was a student of promise and accomplishment. Still, he was elected editor of the Harvard Law Review, a very political position very likely awarded him so the powers that be could feel good about themselves for givin’ it to the black fella. Most editors of the Review have a long paper trail of theses, papers and opinions. Obama does not.

His wife, Michelle apparently received the same kind of preferential treatment in the Ivy League. Her response to every possible benefit and benevolent gift bestowed on  her by America was to write a thesis claiming the world made it extra tough for her because she was black. The main argument backing up her claim was that being surrounded by intelligent whites put her at a disadvantage (?).

Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, but the mystery continued. He spent a short amount of time working at a private company, which he described as being “behind enemy lines.” At a young age, he undoubtedly sees only Big Government as worthy. Private enterprise is the “white man’s world,” and this is the world of the colonizers and immoralists of an illegitimate history. He was an adjunct professor at Harvard. Nobody remembers much about this. There are no students who step forth and recall him. He may have been a glorified teacher’s aide. He wrote nothing; no books, theses, opinions. An adjunct is a nebulous hanger-on from semester to semester at any college. This period has been described as one that makes him a “Constitutional law professor.” He came under the auspices of professor named Derek Bell, a radical black liberation theologist, typical of ethnic studies programs by this time. He also associated with Professor Henry Louis Gates, whose Left-wing view of black victimhood influenced him. Professors like Bell and Gates were singularly responsible for the huge liberal turn that had long marked Harvard, which by this time was in full swing.

In the early 1990s, Obama attempted to embark on a career path that says as much about him as any other factor. He wanted to be a writer. Nobody really knows who his influences were. They likely were not Hemingway or Kerouac, but rather James Baldwin. This was a particularly conspiratorial period in African-American history. The CIA was said to have invented AIDS so as to wipe out blacks. They were said to have planted drugs in the ghettos (according to The Godfather, the mob did that). The existence of liquor stores on every street corner was the white man’s doing, to keep the brother’s down, or so said Laurence Fishburne in The Boyz in the Hood. So many Africans were thrown overboard in 400 years of  the slave trade that it changed the migration habits of sharks. A great “university,” the “University of Luxor,” was supposed to have been the center of world knowledge before the white man came along and filled the world with lies. The devil was a blue-eyed white man called Magog, or something like that; an invention of Louis Farrakhan, who came up with some kind of “Creationist” story along these lines. Jews and Koreans would not hire the blacks pimping and prostituting their women in front of their stores, thus giving “cause” for riots in New York, L.A. and elsewhere.

Blacks were looking for self-identity. They had joined cause with the radical forces of the Anti-War Movement, but that was over, the white hippies now in corporations, academia and suburbia, but many blacks were still in the ghettos. The Black Panthers were all but over with. Many blacks deserted that way of thinking for traditional Christianity. But what of those left behind? Like Germans willing to believe Hitler’s lies, to believe that somebody else was to be skapegoated for their failings, they needed to invent scenarios and paradigms favoring their point of view.

Barack Hussein Obama looked around and decided on his paradigm. In 1991 he landed a literary agent, who created a pamphlet including a short Obama biography. It stated that Obama was born in Kenya. Why did it state that? He was apparently not born in Kenya, which of course, if he had been, would have made him ineligible for the Presidency. But it was in lying about his birthplace in the early 1990s that Obama reveals his true nature, and not just the fact he is a liar. In trying to establish his identity as a writer, he decided – no doubt felt his best chance at getting published – was not to identify himself as a patriotic American citizen, but as a native, an African, a Muslim, an “other,” a victim, one of the colonized, the oppressed; somebody who had a story to tell of hatred, of white racism, of a struggle against a landscape of exploitation not just against him (non-existent), but against all he represented (the world). Thus did Obama begin to see even then that he was this messianic figure, “the one we’ve all been waiting for,” the child in a ghetto manger (or at least a beach manger near Waikiki), Rousseau and John Reed and Upton Sinclair and Camus and Chomsky the proverbial “wise men” gathered to pay homage to the arrival of a new age long prophesied.

The writing career initially did not work out, but Obama came to Chicago, where he became a “community organizer.” Apparently this “job” paid well enough for him to buy an expensive home, which reminds one of the Copa scene in Goodfellas when young Ray Liotta explains his display of wealth and power with the breezy declaration, “I’m a union delegate.”

As for his wife, Michelle, she road Obama’s coattails all the way to a job paying around a half-million dollars a year as a “hospital coordinator.” So vital was this job that when her husband was elected President and they went to Washington, nobody replaced her. She had ascended to a new status within America, beyond affirmative action, to the high-priced professional black woman. This is a high-paying job large corporations pay to some educated minority not to work or actually accomplish tasks, but to fill out a new quota system, long established by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It was a job created in large measure by the work of her husband. Something to trot out and display to the world as “proof” they are not racists.


Obama never met Saul Alinsky, who died in 1972. Alinsky dedicated his books to Sirhan Sirhan, assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, and to Lucifer. He seems to be a real-life figure straight out of The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.” Obama dedicated the book he eventually did write to Alinsky.

            Alinsky was a community organizer. He was, in fact, a street protestor, an extortionist, a rabble-rouser, an anarchist, and a Communist. Street protest had been around before America and, of course, manifested itself as “the Terrors” during the French Revolution. There were draft riots in New York in response to the Civil War. Emma Goldman and the anarchists organized riots during World War I. Communists and union organizers routinely stirred up riots during the Great Depression. Ronald Reagan faced these same people, now tools of Moscow, during his time as SAG president in the 1940s and 1950s.

            After relative peace during the Eisenhower ‘50s, a confluence of events turned the 1960s into a boiling hot cauldron. The Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War Movement, and the free speech movement gave rise to the feminist movement, the environmentalist movement, and the gay rights movement. Reactionary Republicans like Ronald Reagan and Duke Wayne, and anti-Communist Southerners like George Wallace, argued that this nexus of protest, riot and rebellion was funded, or connected in some way, to international Communism. The liberals laughed and mocked this assertion. What, exactly, was international Communism? The Communist world was just that, internationalist, with varying headquarters, directions, money and orders coming from Moscow and Peking, to Vietnam, to Cuba, to Latin America, Asia and Africa; the Third World. The liberals said this was too disparate an “enemy” to be identified. They wanted to own the protests, to take credit for it, to believe it was the new America. They had taken it to the streets, they had “taken it all down, man.” The sentiment of these protestors was the sentiment of the youth, or so they believed.

            David Horowitz, who was one of those protestors, indeed was one of the protest organizers, was also one who later turned on them and divulged their secrets. A series of carefully-hidden front organizations, many from Moscow, funneled through fellow traveler middle men organizations, were indeed funding the 1960s street protests. Red-faced from revelations of the Blacklist, when the Hollywood Ten were exposed, and John Howard Lawson identified as taking direct orders from his Communist handlers, the enemies of America became adept at banking, money laundering, and the tricks of financing revolution. Aside from Horowitz, others left the movement, as Whittaker Chambers had done, and in the 1990s the Venona Project confirmed it. Despite the fall of the Berlin Wall, however, dogged pursuers like Michael Savage identified some of these same fronts, using new names and new personnel, as the backers of anti-war protest during the Iraq War.

            Alinsky was at the heart of this disguised Communist movement. His official cover, still naively repeated by apologists like Bill Maher, was that he was out to “help black people.” He was an anti-American enemy of the U.S. out to hurt the country during the Vietnam War. He was a traitor, and he was a hero to Barack Obama.

            Alinsky tapped into something that lay dormant for a long time. Left-wing sentiment found nothing in traditional American values to cheer. Christianity, capitalism, entrepreneurial freedom, even athletic success, was considered bourgeois. Even President Obama, when asked during the 2009 All-Star Game to list some good memories of Chicago baseball, spoke of Cominsky Park. Even while discussing Our National Pastime, the man could not help a Freudian slip that Communized and Alinskyized the name of the venerable Comiskey Park, old home of the White Sox.

            Alinsky discovered that corporations could be shaken down for money to avoid accusations of racism; that business people would pay criminals not to break things and commit crimes. It was not a coincidence that Alinsky operated out of the Windy City, and that the 1969 Chicago riots – largely funded by third party Communist fronts – was the worst protest in American history. This was the world Obama admired and aspired to emulate, to be a part of, and to lead. He accomplished his task.


It was also no coincidence that Obama’s race extortion work was in Chicago, first the home of Saul Alinsky, later of Jesse Jackson. With the Vietnam War over, the Persian Gulf War over almost before it was started, the only place to protest any more was in corporate America. Jackson and Obama found a lucrative race-baiting business, essentially promising not to march crowds of angry unionists and blacks in front of corporate headquarters buildings. They mixed this with environmental protest, aimed mainly at so-called Big Oil, shaking down large companies they accused of polluting the green environs. They railed against a steel company for perceived injustices.

            Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, former Weather Underground criminals and American Communists, discovered Obama’s work. Somehow, despite attempts to blow up the Pentagon, police stations, cops, and other symbols of America, they were allowed not only to freely walk about the Earth, but also to teach at the college level. Unable to be truly public figures, they needed a man to do their dirty work. That man was Barack Obama. They recruited him and launched his political indoctrination into the infamous Chicago Way, the single most corrupt Democrat organization in America.

            Obama needed to prove his bone fides with the black revolutionaries, so he joined the largest black liberation theology “church” in the nation, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United. It was there that reverend Wright declared after 9/11 “no, no, no, not God bless America . . . Godd—n America.” Obama sat in his pews and soaked it all in for years. He claimed that under Reverend Wright he found Jesus Christ. Nobody can truly know what is in a man’s heart. God works in mysterious ways.

            Obama was elected to the Illinois state Senate. He rarely attended, usually voting present. He had no accomplishments. He spent most of his time writing his two biographies. With the backing of Ayers and his connections with the Annenberg School of Communications, Wright and the Chicago Way, he had enough name recognition to justify publication of two biographies despite not having done much of anything. He was the “angry black man with something to say,” the great voice of the Left.

            In 2004 he decided to run for the Senate. His opponent was eliminated using tried-and-true Alinsky techniques: illegal, criminal, immoral. Having ruined Jack Ryan’s family by opening his sealed divorce records, which was against the law, he cruised unopposed to victory, a major staple of the Alinsky playbook. The Left saw in him a rising star. At the 2004 DNC he proffered the fiction that Arab-American families cowered in the night because of President Bush. Only the election of John Kerry would free them from cowering. No Arab-Americans were cowering, and when Bush was re-elected, they continued not to cower.

            For four years he was “bored” in the Senate, as described by colleagues. He offered no legislation, accomplished nothing, and opposed all GOP initiatives that resembled what he later did as President. In 2008, he entered the Primaries. U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D.-New York) was the odds-on favorite to capture the Democrat nomination. Sean Hannity was running what he termed the “stop Hillary express.”

            But Obama captured the hearts and minds of fanciful liberals. Then Rush Limbaugh stepped in. One of if not the most influential man in media history, what he did in 2008 may have been his most influential moment. It also might have backfired, and in so doing, the great irony is that Limbaugh may be the reason Barack Obama was elected President.

When Obama won a few Primaries, Limbaugh instituted what he called “operation chaos.” Many of the state’s opened their Primaries to all parties. Limbaugh urged Republicans to vote for either Hillary or Obama, depending on who was winning or losing during the course of a topsy-turvy Primary season. It truly did create chaos within the Democrat Party, with Limbaugh laughing at them from on high. Then the Reverend Wright tapes hit. They had been hidden, but his 2001 assertion, “no, no, no . . . not God Bless America, Godd—n America,” surfaced. Limbaugh and the conservative media played it over and over.

Senator Clinton tried to take advantage of it. Rumors that Obama was not born in America surfaced. Senator Clinton tried to take advantage of that, too, but she was walking a thin line. Criticism of a black man’s black preacher and assertions that a black man, who had a Muslim name and might be a Muslim, might not be an American . . . she was quickly charged with racism. Her husband fumed, telling former Vice President Al Gore that a few years ago Obama “would have been serving them coffee.”

Then a funny thing happened. The Democrats analyzed Reverend Wright’s “Godd—n America” remarks, and the accusation that Obama had anti-American attitudes and . . . decided they kind of agreed with that way of thinking. He pulled ahead and was nominated at Denver amid statuary meant to depict him as like a Greek god.

Throughout the summer, surprise Republican nominee John McCain, a Vietnam war hero once held by the Vietnamese Communists, trailed in the polls. He decided on a “game changer,” Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. At first unknown, her movie star good looks and common sense conservatism quickly buoyed the campaign. After the Republican convention, one poll favored McCain-Palin by 11 points. The general lead was actually five, but in mid-September they looked like winners.

Then the sub-prime housing crisis completely destroyed the economy. President Bush told the country he was going against all his capitalist principles in signing a stimulus bill, which conservatives said was the first step towards Socialism. It was McCain’s death knell. He lost badly, his party falling with him.

The anointed one had arrived.