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One has to break the media down to understand that it is a larger entity I call the "Dominant Media Culture," which consists of networks, cable, newspapers, magazines, radio, Hollywood, books, the East and West Coast opinion elite, and other outlets.  Overall, there is simply not a question that the media is liberal and biased.  That is not a complaint, it is a statement of fact as much as to say that "California is a state in the Union," or "It gets cold in Nebraska in the winter."  To deny this obvious fact is to effectively eliminate ones' self from the ranks of the credible.  However, there are pockets of fairness and conservatism within the media.  Talk radio is mainly conservative.  Cable news has always been professional, in my view, albeit left-leaning.  I personally know an on-air CNN reporter, who shall remain unnamed, who covered the Presidential campaign, and who describes a prevailing atmosphere of anti-Republicanism in Atlanta that uncovers any veil of impartiality CNN may have left.  A second example comes from another CNN reporter who called conservative talk host Larry Elder at KABC in LA on election night at 6:00 PM PST.  He told Larry that he was in the Atlanta studios, and that CNN had evidence that Florida not only had not been won by Al Gore, but that it was leaning to Bush.  CNN announced Florida had been won by Gore anyway, and this reporter told Elder he could not imagine any reason for CNN to do this other than to influence the election in Gore's favor, and to discourage Republicans in the West from voting for Bush or Republican candidates for lower offices.  George W. Bush, interviewed a few minutes later, must have had access to the same information this reporter said CNN had because he said he had reports they were winning and would not concede the state.  This same CNN reporter then called Elder again a few hours later, when Florida swung back to Bush, and told Elder: "CNN staffers here in Atlanta are crying en masse, and yelling obscenities at the TV screen showing Bush winning.  They are saying things like, `You f-----g gun-toting rednecks' in reference to Floridians."  It would be hard to digest this information and not deduce that CNN is a liberal organization.  Fox News is a fair and balanced news organization in which their major "stars" are conservative, which is the result of the marketplace.  More conservatives take the time to watch news stations and listen to talk radio.  Liberals are more likely to choose sitcoms or FM music.  This is just reality.  To argue against it is to fly in the face of known demographics.  Conservatives have been listening to bias for so long that Fox's fair approach, which is so new and different, just sounds conservative.