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This book gets to an important point, which is that Hollywood is totally liberal, unable to shake itself from this malaise, and loses power because their liberalism creates a loss of credibility. The Hollywood Left is part of the dominant media culture, all of which is liberal. This includes the world of cinema, television, network news, major newspapers and magazines. At one time they controlled all the media this nation heard and saw, which is why somebody like Walter Cronkite was so "trusted." There were no alternatives to Cronkite. Today the right has a niche, which includes talk radio, country music and a few newspapers and magazines. Fox News is not conservative, but because it is fair and actually roots for America, it seems conservative in comparison to its counterparts. Wherever conservative and patriotic media go head to head with the Left, conservativism and patriotism win. Hollywood loses power. Their movies have less influence, the Oscars get lousy ratings, and people mock their most outspoken anti-Americanism.

Hollywood does not learn from "The Passion of the Christ" or even "Saving Private Ryan". If they produced outright conservative films they would be enormous successes. There is a huge audience of conservatives who do not pay to see movies because they are tired of the old liberal slant. For instance, if Hollywood ever did a film that depicted, for one instance, how John Kennedy stole the 1960 election from Richard Nixon; or perhaps a story about a Democrat politicican who has rivals and witneses to his crimes murdered a la a certain Arkansas politician - conservative word of mouth would spread like wildfire.

How come we never see movies that depict the murder of 100 million human beings under Communism? We see plenty of Nazi and Holocaust movies, which is fine, but Communism was just as bad and even more deadly. Could it be because the Communists were embedded in the Democrat party until McCarthyism rooted them out? Could it be because down deep, many liberals like Communism, they just think it was a good idea gone wrong? A movie like "Schindler's List" set in the Soviet Gulags could be just as powerful. The Left cannot admit how awful Communism was because they gave aid and comfort to Communism during the Vietnam War. Now they are more liberal than ever? Why? Because Communism has been defeated and forgotten by the average citizen. Liberals no longer have to worry about being associated with it. There are, however, those of us who read and remember who know the facts about these people.

Now we are engaged in the War on Terrorism. The Left is slowly but surely gravitating to the terrorists because they no longer have Communism to admire any more. They hate American power and success, so they find themselves increasingly opposing America and admiring those who hate us.