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"Do right to the widow, judge for the fatherless, give to the poor, defend the orphan, clothe the naked. Heal the broken and the weak, laugh not a lame man to scorn, defend the maimed, and let the blind man come into the sight of my clearness."

- God the

   Giver of Values

    II Esdras, Chapter II, King James Version, published 1851

    (pages 17-24, 10-11 of the Apocrypha)


"There are therefore two ways to God: A way of affirmation and a way of denial… We have to take both. We must affirm and deny at the same time… If we go on affirming, without denying, we end up by affirming that we have delimited the Being of God in our concepts. If we go on denying without affirming, we end up by denying that our concepts can tell the truth about Him in any sense whatever...


"…The mere fact that there are beings means that there is Being. If God does not exist, nothing exists."

- God the Eternal Mystery

Thomas Merton, "The Ascent to Truth", A Harvest Book, Harcourt Brace,    

1981, page 94


"…In a creative universe God would betray no trace of his presence, since to do so would be to rob the creative forces of their independence, to turn them from the active pursuit of answers to mere supplication of God. And so it is: God’s language is silence. The Old Testament suggests that God fell silent in response to the request of the terrified believers who said to Moses, 'Speak thou with us, and we will hear: But let not God speak with us, lest we die.' Whatever the reason, God ceases speaking with the book of Job, and soon stops intervening in human affairs generally, leading Gideon to ask, 'If the Lord be with us, why then…where be all his miracles which our fathers told us of?' The author of the 22nd Psalm cries ruefully, 'My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?'


"Whether he left or was ever here I do not know, and don’t believe we ever shall know. But one can learn to live with ambiguity - that much is requisite to the seeking spirit - and with the silence of the stars. All who genuinely seek to learn, whether atheist or believer, scientist or mystic, are united in having not a faith but faith itself. Its token is reverence, its habit to respect the eloquence of silence. For God’s hand may be a human hand, if you reach out in loving kindness, and God’s voice your voice, if you but speak the truth."

6      "God the Universal"

        Timothy Ferris, "The Whole Shebang", Simon & Schuster, 1997, page 312


Either an omnipotent force of intelligence created the Earth we live on, or natural forces started it from an unplanned "big bang" explosion. Who created the stars, the celestial bodies, the dense matter and the revolving Universe that operates perfectly for us to exist in the harmonious physical environment we live in? How do we explain the beneficial relationships of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the stars? How do we explain the perfect balance between plant, animal and human life, the natural properties to sustain such life, no matter how many more humans are born each year? Is it possible it just "happened" without an all-purpose "arranger?"

Yet atheists say all this order just came about by "accident." The Earth's crust is in relation to its size as big as the skin of an apple, yet within its 35 to 50 miles are all the life-giving atmospherics of air and an endless water supply. Why do all the other planets not "wander" off into the cosmos, instead of staying put? Who gave us reason, morality, love, goodness, kindness and our humanity? In "The Seeker" by The Who, Peter Townshend states, "I got values, but I don't know how or why." Give God a little credit, Pete old boy.

How is it that despite all the pollution that man creates, Mother Nature swallows it up and rekindles herself? By the same token, acts of nature like volcanoes are capable of causing more destruction, not to mention numerous other natural catastrophes, than what man creates.

I am a Christian. I do not profess to know that Jesus was the Son of God. I do not know that God exists. I am perfectly willing to accept that the Truth is something other than what I believe, but my faith is just that…faith. I do not say that Christians are the only ones. Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists pray to a God who I believe is the same one I pray to. I just happen to think He has a Son. I think when we pass from this mortal coil, more things will be revealed to us than we can possibly envision while we live on Earth.

I have written a book that promotes the theory that God, and more specifically, Christ has inspired the United States to take a leadership role in doing His work: Freeing the enslaved, healing the sick, and making the world safer for its population to pursue happiness. I have proposed that Satan exists and that the gyrations of history - wars, slavery, genocide, holocaust, religious and ethnic hatreds - are part of a strategy to undermine God's plan.

I could be wrong. It could all be a big accident. The Earth could just be spinning on its axis for reasons that science can explain, and that America's ascent to greatness is just a temporary event, no more or less a matter of divine destiny than one of those planets spinning off into the Universe. I just do not think so. I have tried to convey my theories herein and hope that I may have convinced a few of the righteousness of my reasoning. Agree or disagree, and we live in a country where thank God we can do just that, I hope I have made you think.

To the immediate task at hand, which is the international War on Terrorism, I want to warn the populace that, unless we navigate this issue properly, we are headed towards Apocalypse or Armageddon. There are many differing views on this subject. Far too many have diluted our strength through partisan politics. There are many who italicize the "war on terrorism," in an effort to make it seem that we are merely fomenting fear instead of taking on a real challenge.

Walter Cronkite once said that he was no more threatened by Communist invasion than by a Martian invasion. Apparently he gives little credence to American fortitude (and certainly not the Ronald Reagan version of it) in preventing the invasion from ever occurring. I cannot urge too strongly that when it comes to worldwide, international terrorism, which emanates mainly from the Fundamentalist Muslim world, we must not take the Cronkite approach.

The U.S. has saved the world three times in less than a century, and we will save it a fourth time. Like Communism, we will do it without a world war. We will avoid Armageddon and Apocalypse. We will do it by coalescing and cooperating with all the peace loving countries on this planet that we share. They must understand the importance of this issue, not because they are in lockstep with America, but because they understand the concept of realpolitik.       

The past 200 years have been revolutionary times. Much of the world has embraced ideologies of racism (Fascism), Communism and anarchy. America (with some fabulous allies) has defeated all of them. Now, we are the sole megapower, the most complete empire in recorded history. But the ideas of Fascism, Communism and anarchy have not gone away, because evil never goes away. It jumps around and looks for a home. A huge portion of the global populace has not shared in our victories. These poisonous, evil ideas have found a home in this part of the world's mindset. A government, an army or a country does not represent it. It is represented by Fundamentalist Muslim terrorism. It is centered in the Arab world. But its tentacles have the potential to reach to the Four Corners of the globe.

The War on Terrorism is not a war between the United States and Al Qaeda. It is a war between the family of nations and those who despise freedom. If the message of terror gets a grip on enough people, as Communism and Nazism once did, and if they arm themselves with enough weapons of mass destruction, it will require a major military effort to put it down. Nobody wants this to happen.

To our friends in Europe and the rest of the world, understand that if this war takes place, it probably will not be fought on the American continent. We will probably secure ourselves enough to see to it that we are relatively safe, as we have with few exceptions. But it will be fought someplace. It could be on the European and African continents, just as two world wars were fought there. Nobody wants this to happen, either.

I have news for you, though. If this war is fought, the Free World, led by America, will be forced to kill millions of human beings. If this war occurs, America will win. But it will be ugly, and it could be a Pyrrhic victory in which the cost is greater than the victory itself. This is what the devil wants. Nobody wants this to happen.

What the entire world must fight against, tooth and nail, is a social revolution that takes all the hatreds, racism and class envy of Fascism, Nazism, Communism and anarchism, balls it up under the new banner of Terrorism, and creates a global war of race, religion and culture.

We must fight against letting the Internet become the tool that our enemies use to destroy us. The Unabomber, Ted Kazcynski, feared technological progress. His fears, while fed by paranoia, were not entirely unfounded. The great question throughout history is the same one we face in the next century. It may come down to whether "progress" benefits Mankind, or just the most advanced of the world. Is all of our technical wizardry and advancement really the hidden work of the devil? Satan's plan could very well be to bring enough "progress" to the Third World to allow them to use it to strike us. This is the pessimistic view. Progress has the potential to save the planet, too. How we steer this perilous ship is vital to our future.

The question we face as we work our way through the future is whether it will be necessary to keep the Third World "down." Or, as I paraphrase what Lenin supposedly said, do we "sell them the rope they use to hang us?" If the "great unwashed," the "teeming masses," and the "have-nots" of the world get hold of our technology, will it bring them freedom, or will they use it to wage war? Will it be used to feed, clothe, house, educate and employ, or to launch rockets?

The Arab world is the "cradle of civilization." They are a proud people with long histories, but they have fallen behind the West. The heart of their argument is centered around the fact that they are humiliated by their failure to achieve a modicum of Western success. This psychosis began when Russian Jews began immigrating to Palestine after World War I. Within a few short years they stood out as the more advanced people in comparison to their Palestinian neighbors. The Arabs are like the jealous, failed brother who lacks the skills, talent and ambition of the successful sibling. Instead of admiration, they replace it with hatred.

Our enemies have relied on our weakness so far. That weakness has emanated from the ranks of liberalism fed altogether by pervasive "white guilt." Our enemies have used this "compassionate" element of Western society for decades, but I have a warning for those enemies, who believe it will prevent us from protecting ourselves. There is a limit to what we will take. Do not count on "white guilt" from saving you. If we are struck hard enough, we will fight back, we will fight back hard, and there will be an element of ugly white backlash that could undo much of the good civil rights work that has been accomplished. This is what the devil wants. If provoked, this backlash could be a race war, a "clash of civilizations" pitting religions and cultures against each other. I have news for our enemies. We will not lose that war! One side will be destroyed, and that side will not be the United States. In the history of Mankind, all major confrontations have been won by the more advanced society. The West is more advanced. This is a truth with dark connotations. It must not be allowed to play itself out. While all sides would "lose" in this struggle, the less advanced will lose everything!

If such a struggle occurs, the results will be a global depression. Europe must understand that the U.S. is strong enough, and also positioned by geography, to withstand such a depression. Europe is not. However, the U.S. faces "crunch time" as our Baby Boomers near retirement. Our resources are not limitless. We will save ourselves first before we save everybody else. Europe must work with us not just to strengthen American Hegemony, but to prevent themselves from falling victim to a worldwide disaster, which would destroy much of what they have worked to build since 1945. They must understand that American strength is vital to their strength.

The good news is that the hand of destiny guides us. Christian love, which brought a peaceful end to the Roman Empire, will prevail. To the Muslim world, I say that this is not a "warning" that new Crusaders will convert you. Over time, you will see that Christianity is a loving partner of Islam, not the enemy. The beauty of the "religion of peace" will finally be allowed to bloom. When that happens, humiliation will be replaced by real pride and partnership with the Fellowship of Man.   

America must lead the world in a war of inclusion and Truth. The beautiful, God-given gifts of freedom, Democracy and comfort that we and much of the planet enjoys must be brought to the Middle East, to Africa, and to the old Cold War battlefields of the Third World. This is the challenge of the 21st Century. We will accomplish this, in part, by expanding the global economy, and in so doing we will avert the Biblical prophecies of doom. Evil will not go away. The challenges will always be there, but if we play our cards right, the examples we leave for our ancestors will be as helpful as those left us by George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

I leave you now with two phrases. When Todd Beamer and his fellow passengers had finished reading The Lord's Prayer, resolving to go after the terrorists who probably wanted to fly their plane into the White House, they began their charge with his fateful words: "Let's roll!"

 I say to America and all men and women of good will, as we resolve to charge into the 21st Century bound and determined to make it the safest and most enlightened century in history, "Let's roll!" As we move forward, we will face more challenges and unknown obstacles than I could possibly predict within these pages. As we face these challenges together, please remember also the words of the great Margaret Thatcher, who once said to President George H.W. Bush, "Don't go wobbly now." Let freedom reign and God bless America.