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The African AIDS crisis leads me to believe that the battle between Good and Evil is being won by Evil.  In the 20th Century, Evil tried a direct approach, in the face of NAZIsm and Communism.  Major wars were fought, and the forces of Good defeated the forces of Evil.  Evil then decided to make a comeback, only this time Evil is more pernicious, less obvious on the face and in its approach.  It stays small, killing one-by-one by microbe instead of en mase by artillery or the dropping of cyanide into a shower stall ventilator.  The forces of Good, i.e., the U.S. and the West, must confront Evil again with a new version of the Marshall Plan.  As for Bill Clinton leading the charge in this effort, as Chris Matthews of MSNBC suggests, my observation is that Clinton has the intellectual tools to do it.  However, he ultimately would not see it through because Clinton is in everything for himself.  His goal would be to win the Nobel Peace Prize.  Saving African lives might be a worthy goal that he aspires to, but it would only be a by-product of his work, not the reason for it.  The same principles apply to Hillary Clinton, who should acknowledge that her "it takes a village" philosophy, based on the theory that native African culture is superior to Western family values, is a Sub-Saharan disaster.  In Africa, families and villages shun children and spouses when they acquire AIDS in some kind of horrid "see no evil" immorality play.  It literally "takes a village" in Africa to make AIDS such a taboo subject that millions die of it without knowing what killed them.