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Cover artwork to X-Force #17 from Marvel Comics

By Steve Ekstrom; originally published by Newsarama.com on 07/22/09

This week X-Force #17 hits shelves and throws readers right back into the thick of things—by providing readers with answers to a number of dangling plot lines that occurred before the events of the Messiah War. Now, X-Force is back—and they are racing against time itself to stop several catastrophes from happening...all at the same time. But the fun doesn’t end there; it seems as though the team’s activities are becoming less and less clandestine—not to mention, Cyclops is going to be divulging more than his fair share of secrets in Dark X-Men: The Confession in September.

You might be asking yourself, “What’s the tie that binds all these revelations together?”

The answer isn’t quite so simple—but Chris Yost has a couple of cryptic answers; Newsarama contacted him to talk about both Dark X-Men: The Confession and the latest arc of X-Force, “Not Forgotten”.