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Roger E. Belanger




"My life has been a poor attempt

To imitate the man

I'm just a living legacy

To the leader of the band...


I thank you for the kindness

And the times when you got tough

And, papa, I don't think I

Said 'I love you' near enough."


--Dan Fogelberg, "Leader of the Band"

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Dear Stephen

I mourn with you on the death of your Father. The words of the Dan Fogelberg song are a wonderful testimony to your respect and love of your Father. I know that sometimes people express feelings with regard to death of a loved one that seem inappropriate, but I am sincere when I tell you that about a couple years after my Mother died >>>I was walking in a parking lot and a ray of sunlight struck my path. I didn't hear an audible voice but I had the sense that my Mother was trying to get across that indeed "no eye has seen, or ear has heard " what God has in store for us after life on earth. I know that right now this thought will bring little comfort, but you, too, will have such a moment from your Father.
My thoughts and prayers are with you!
Mary Walsh

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Thank you

Mary, sounds like you had a great moment there.  I'm glad you were able to use that moment to find some meaning and peace with your mother's passing.