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And the Winner Is....Plus, I'm Interviewed!!! And My Sixth-Grade Teacher

And the winner is...Namzola!


Thanks to everyone who entered the free magazine contest, either by email or by comment.  (There were a ton more emails.  Why is that?  Don't be bashful!!!)  There'll be another contest soon to win a free issue of Space and Time Magazine with my story, "Hide the Weird," inside, on page twenty-five.  Sorry it took so long to announce the winner, as well.  Been taking care of some weighty things over here.


And it's hard for me to believe that someone wanted to interview me about being a newly-published author, but that happened recently.  Ms. Raychelle Muhammed at http://www.Raychelle-Writes.blogspot.com was awesome enough to ask me to introduce myself, my writing, my upcoming works, my journey to publication, and lots of other cool things.  Look for that interview on her website on April 11th.  (I'll post another reminder closer to that day.)  It was a pleasure to answer those questions--and I learned a few things doing so!  Like, I've got a couple of drafts, about 100 pages in, each, of two WIPs that I'd completely forgotten about!  I actually forgot that I'm in the process of writing so many things!  ::writer slaps himself upside the head:: 


How can someone write so much and then completely forget about them???  I have to better organize my time, get more stuff out there.  In fact, I have three or four more works that need to be sent out, pronto.


So I've been signing copies of the magazine for co-workers, for a fundraiser, and for immediate family and friends--and I'm excited to be able to give one to my sixth-grade teacher.  I won't mention her name, because I have a feeling that might embarrass her a little, but she was--and still is--this awesome woman who was the first person ever to tell me that I had some writing talent, and that I was actually a worthwhile person in general.  (Even my family at the time didn't tell me I had any writing talent; though, in fairness, what family knows that about their kid when he's in the sixth grade?)  Well, anyway, she did, and she was a wonderful person at a very traumatic time in my life.


So the lesson today, people: Remember your good teachers, whether they were literally teachers or not.  Try to contact one, and tell them how awesome he/she was for you back in the day.  Feel free to comment below about an awesome teacher, or teacher-like person, who made a positive impression upon you.