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Jesus Ain't White

Jesus ain’t a white man. He don’t have no Caucasian looks. Jesus ain’t a black man. He ain’t no African. Jesus ain’t yellow. He ain’t no Asian man.

Jesus is a brown Jew. Brown like the color you get when you mix different base colors together. The brown that ain’t white, ain’t black, and ain’t yellow. He’s a Jew. The outcast, the scapegoat, the kid other kids pick on and the grownups are a little slow to intervene because, really, they kinda understand what the children know that the little brown Jew just don’t quite fit in. Even amongst the other brown folks, the A-rabs, the Jew is the lowest of their class.

Want to see a good picture of Jesus? Don’t go looking in the white churches for the handsome almost-looking-like-you Caucasian. Don’t go looking in the Negro churches for the black skinned handsome almost-African looking man. Instead, look for the dark brown Middle Eastern man with just a little too much black hair and the long nose and the bushy eyebrows and the speech that makes some words sound like something between a cough and a nasty hacking sound. Look for the dark brown man that you shy away from that somehow makes you nervous when you sit next him, when you hear him talk, when you see him walking through the airport with his head down.

Naw, Jesus ain’t a white man; he ain’t a black man; and he ain’t a yellow man. Jesus is a brown Jew. And that, my friends, is how God got it right.

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Good one, Steve. You've got it right ...

... although he wouldn't have walked through the airport with his head down. He knew who he was - someone representing all of mankind.

All the best,


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Thank you, Barb.

Thank you, Barb.