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Strawberries with Everything (2005)
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Steve gives an overview of the book:

One memoir, about eight years I spent as a journalist in Poland 1966-1974.
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One memoir, about eight years I spent as a journalist in Poland 1966-1974.

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Strawberries with everything brings a new tone to political memoirs.

How did a nice Jewish boy finish up in a place like Poland? In sometimes hilarious detail, Steve Brook describes his early years in prewar London, the emigration of his family to Australia, and his eventual Aussification. While still in his teens he gets a heavy dose of Left politics. After a holiday in Poland, via London, he is offered a job at the Polish Radio in Warsaw. He spends eight years on the wrong side in the Cold War, with a ringside seat at some of the most significant events in European history including the Warsaw Dog Show, the “anti-Zionist” uproar of 1968 and the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia the same year.

He returns to Australia in 1974 and after numerous Candide-like adventures, he finds himself wondering if it was all worthwhile.

Of course it was.

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Note from the author coming soon...

About Steve

STEVE BROOK is a retired journalist with six successful novels still on the market.

McQuail (2003), Bali Sugar (2004), Now Hit Enter! (2009), For Sam (2009), Death by Teatowel (2011), Smash the White Eagle! (2013).

There is also a political memoir, Strawberries...

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