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The Brain Damage Bowl

Sunday millions upon millions will be watching something called the Super Bowl. They might as well call it the Brain Damage Bowl. After all the cheering is done players will be leaving with their senses less intact than before the game.

The unlucky ones will suffer dementia down the line, or some other brain catastrophe. It will be years of a living hell for their families. As if to highlight this, two class action suits – the latest in a series – have been filed in behalf of some 50 former professional football players in recent days.

A friend says life is about choices and these players made their choice. They wanted fame, they got it, he says. They wanted money, they get that, too. If brain damage follows, well, that’s part of it also.

What disturbs me most about what is going on is that players seem to be knowingly trying to inflict brain damage on each other. This cropped up after the playoff game a few weeks ago between the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.

The game turned on two fumbles by a 49er, a kid in his early 20s. After the game, one of the Giants players said the Giants knew this particular player had a concussion history so they went after him. In other words, because they knew he had head troubles they went after his head. And, said the Giants player, they got to him.

Intentionally or not they were trying to inflict brain damage to knock him unconscious or close and induce fumbles, which they got. If this happened on the sreet, it would be a crime. If the culprit is playing for the National Football League, apparently it isn't.

In any case it turned out ``well’’ for the Giants. They won, if they can take much satisfaction in that kind of a win. Hopefully the player who fumbled – a good kid who shouldered responsibility for the loss – will leave the game, whether this year of five years from now, with his brain intact and working.

Incidentally, this kid received death threats after the game – from 49ers fans.


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Thanks, Steve

Do you feel like a voice crying in the wilderness?  Keep it up and keep scolding any intentional concussions and brain damage.  The unintentional is serious enough. Rational discourse does change things.  

Death threats?  Oh my.  America has some really rotten people, don't we?  We need a revival and a great awakening for sure.

Although I never waste time watching the games, I have really liked the donation tradition for our soup kitchens in connection with the Super Bowl. 


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The charities are great, Sue

but, no, I don't really feel like a voice in the wilderness. I feel like one of many voices in the wilderness. If you google football brain injuries or NFL head injuries or any such combination, you'll see a lot has been written on it, including several prominent articles just before the game Sunday.