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`Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Stratford, Salinas' – Scene Six
`` . . .got a call one day . . . ''

Talll, gaunt man in coveralls, plaid shirt, hat pulled down low, walks on. Same Actor who plays Christopher Marlowe, but the opposite of Marlowe's ``dandyism.'' Behind him, lettuce fields, wind blowing.

MAN IN COVERALLS: John Steinbeck got a call one day from his hometown – Salinas . . . California . . . It's, it's 1938, or around then and he's in a little cottage . . . twenty miles away on the coast, putting the finishing touches on ``The Grapes of Wrath.'' A woman – friend for years, high school classmate, named Lily – calls and says, ``John, what's this talk you think people are after you because of what you're writing? It's not so! We all love you! We're having a picnic today in Salinas. Please come. We want to see you, like the old days.'' . . . So he went and it was great for him – a picnic in the sun .  . . life rich, heady – the promise of a novel nearing completion . . . friends, warmth, wine . . . and then two cowboys approach and one sticks a gun under his chin and says, ``If you write another fucking word about farm workers being exploited, we'll blow your fucking head off.'' (Pause.) Well, they didn't, because all those people were there . . . otherwise . . . and Steinbeck overcomes . . . the trauma . . . and writes for another thirty years . . . but the gun stuck under his chin was real . . . it could have gone off, the cowboy could have pulled the trigger . . . and we wouldn't have . . . what? . . . ``East of Eden.'' (Pause.) John thinks about such things. He knows himself and he knows what he might do . . . accomplish . . . if he lives. He moves to the East Coast – to New York. He applies for and receives a license to . . . naturally . . . own a gun. (Pause.)

 Puts hands in his pockets, walks off, as lights fade. 



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Hi Steve, I saw a

Hi Steve,
I saw a film 'Viva Zapata' featuring Marlon Brando, Anthony Quinn'John wrote screenplay for it.Thanks for posting this.By the way,have you tried Dargiling tea?

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Interesting, I just read `Viva Zapata,'

and there's a real sense of danger throughout, both, in Zapata's case, from without and within, something I think permeated Steinbeck's life for a period. His experiences might have influenced Steinbeck's treatment of the screenplay. Were we discussing Dargiling tea earlier? I have to try it. Thanks, Jitu

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Yes we discussed about D'

Yes we discussed about D' tea in one of your blog "getting the bastards".