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Keith & Me & Current TV
Gore greeting Olbermann

Glad to see Keith Olbermann is going with Current TV, sometime later this year. It needs something to bump up its profile. It's a noble project, providing programming gratis where it is needed, as I understand it, often to poor countries.

But it needs more viewers. I'm on its internet site, in a film on Steinbeck and threats to his life, made by the prolific filmmakers Longtimers (Paul Boczkowski and Marie Wainscoat) of California's Monterey Peninsula.

But I'm beginning to feel guilty about it. While the same video has had almost 2,000 hits on Red Room and youtube – not great but respectable – it's just at 136 views after two years on Current TV.

I hope Olbermann does better, or it will be quite a comedown from his million viewers a night when he was on MSNBC. One hundred and thirty-six viewers over two years would work out to about a fifth a viewer a night. You're not going to sell much advertising that way.

Speaking of advertising, I checked the Steinbeck film a few minutes ago on Current TV and it was preceded by a Mazda 2 commercial. I don't think I've sold many Mazdas for them. Maybe a carburetor. Still, maybe Mazda is feeling grateful and wants to give me a Mazda 2, or even an 1 or 3. I can use it; the paint's coming off my `96 Volvo.

Most of you know Al Gore was one of the co-founders of, if not the internet, then Current TV. The station is available, according to the New York Times' article today on Olberman, to some 60 million homes but only gets 23,000 viewers a night. Not that I'd mind that number.

Still, there are many fine programs on Current TV's website, attached below, and Olbermann will certainly bring them more attention.  I expect to see my own numbers climb precipitously.