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It will be good when Monday comes . . .

. . . because the Red Room staff will probably add an author or two, getting us off the current number of Red Room writers of 911, which is not a good number, since it is the number one calls in an emergency, and given a slash, is the 9/11 of the Twin Towers tragedy. Of course, this is all superstitious nonsense, but I think most writers are superstitious. I mean, I think we survived 666, and I didn't hear of any authors winning the Lottery when we were at 711, numbers (with the slash, i.e. 7/11) craps players live for on the first roll of the dice. Still, I am looking forward to good old 912 or 913 _ as long as the latter doesn't fall on a Friday.

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My dear superstitious friend

I mock the forces that would bring back luck upon my being. Why just LAST Friday the 13th, I boldly stood in a bucket of saltwater while playing my electric bass, whilst underneath a ladder with a broken mirror resting atop it, a black cat leashed to one rung thereof.

I am stil here to tell about it!


Now you know.



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Eric, Eric

you misspelled ``bad'' as ``back,'' proving you hexed yourself, at least momentarily, probably when you did the mirror thing. Please reverse everything you did and you will be back to normal. Since you are talented and witty, I'm sure you will regain your foting, but don't tempt the fates again.


Ooops, I misspelled ``Footing.''

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Hmmmm.....guess it's

Hmmmm.....guess it's contagious....HE HE HE!


Eric the undaunted. (and unhaunted)

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Crisis averted!

We're at 912.

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Yes, we're safe, but ending . . .

. . . on a serious note, because I think this quote by Henry James can apply to just about the whole world around us, not just Europe: ``It's a complex fate, being an American, and one of the responsibilities it entails is fighting against a superstitious valuation of Europe.'' From Bartlett's, of course.