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Passport to Exotic Real Estate: Signing at Changing Hands
06 Sep 2008 2:00 pm
06 Sep 2008 4:00 pm

For many Americans, buying a second home in desirable vacation areas in the U.S. has become nearly impossible. Increasingly, many are turning to more affordable regions overseas. Some stay close—Mexico or Canada—while others are more adventurous, looking to parts of Central America, the Caribbean, and Pacific Islands. In Passport to Exotic Real Estate: Buying U.S. And Foreign Property In Breath-Taking, Beautiful, Faraway Lands, real estate expert and travel writer Steve Bergsman offers advice on the benefits and challenges of buying overseas property, including whether or not foreigners can legally own property, tax implications, availability of beachfront land, market trends, investment security, local regulations, and much more. With Bergsman’s guidance, readers will be fully prepared to overcome the obstacles of overseas property ownership and discover the benefits of living or vacationing abroad.

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