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One Story of Yule

Ra who rules for millions of millions of years rides the barge of day beginning as Khepri young, vital, reborn into strength, as time passes he matures into Ra, fully in his power a driving force that none may gainsay, time roles on and he becomes Atum, wise and aged, weary of body. As the sun sets he boards the barge of night becoming Auf.

On the barge of night Ra travels the twelve provinces of the spirit world bringing an hour of light to each. Each province contains a vicious serpent that seeks to destroy the lord of light and each of these he defeats forcing them to draw his barge to the next province. Thus the cycle continues. Except for the night of trial and triumph.

As the year ages so does Ra and on the solstice he is enfeebled as if by many years. The lesser serpents he forces to heal but before the gates of day awaits the worst, most vile and powerful of all the serpents. Apophis, a force of pure chaos that seeks to destroy all and devour the sun ending the march of time itself. Through the year Ra has wrestled Apophis casting the serpent into the void with each new day, but on the solstice the opposing powers balance on a knife’s edge.

On solstice night Bastet, goddess of cat kind and Ra’s daughter through many mothers, journeys with Ra casting down the serpents until they stand at the very gates of day. Apophis rears out of the void taking the form of a cobra as long as the Nile itself. Towering above the barge of day, poison dripping from his fangs the beast seeks to devour the sun and bring darkness to all the lands.

Ra takes on the form of a great jungle cat and Bastet stands with him. The serpent lunges and Ra leaps aside decoying his foe. Bastet lunges slashing sharp claws against the serpent’s scaly back. The serpent turns and Ra leaps closing iron jaws on the snake’s neck. Rearing up he shakes the snake while Bastet slashes at it with her claws. Apophis struggles free and spits venom at Bastet. Ra slams his mass into the beast knocking its head at the last second and the venom misses its mark.

Bastet lunges, her claws leaving deep gouges in her foe. Ra leaps again, for even an aged cat has great strength. His claws grip the serpent’s body and his jaws close on its throat. With a mighty push he drives his claws down the length of the snake spilling the guts that would devour the world.

Bastet joins in the kill and together they cut Apophis into peaces throwing them into the primal void, for chaos can not die but only be challenged and delayed.

The battle done Harakhte throws open the gates of day. Ra-Auf strides through becoming Khepri, youthful and strong with Bastet at his side. Khepri ascends the daytime barge to continue the voyage eternal.

Ankh Em Ma’at everyone have a happy Yule.