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After reading a book on feminist therapy (1970s) which panned Sigmund Freud, I feel somewhat reticent in offering a work by another rather phallocentric writer, namely D.H. Lawrence, but I think that the choice of the scene or rather the poem mitigates any anticipated critique! Well, it is his...
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I have in the past been disobedient. I was disobedient at my boarding school because I felt that the wearing of school caps stigmatized the boys and I was against caning which was still in force. On top of this at the age of sixteen I did not like the idea of having to attend prayers and church...
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if william shakespeare were to write a blog today it would be written in the argot of the contemporary  blogger, it would be far removed from the sonnet or the the argument of comedy or tragedy the prose would be accessible and plain flat as the champagne two days after the honeymoon the accent...
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Throughout the internet one finds free goods. There is a general expectation that one doesn't have to pay for films, music or any kind of text, and photographs. All of these transactions would have been illegal a few years back. Remember copyright infringement? Still today there are many cases, but...
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I felt for a moment like a little boy who was going to jump and down with my hand raised "Please Sir, "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells." But instead I paused and thought more carefully about what science fiction story has really made an impression upon me - and it has to be...
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Social networking is all pervasive these days - and I like nearly everyone else have been seduced by its ease and accessibility. There have been probably many studies carried out to why we should spend so much time unloading our lives onto what are complete strangers - indeed like Shallow Hal we...
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Malvern Hills. Not Malvern in the US, and not the Malvern in South Africa. I am talking of the Malvern hills situated in the heart of England, straddling Worcestershire and Herefordshire. These hills were for probably a thousand years or more in view of my ancestors. They are only six miles long,...
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Without a doubt it must be poetry. Of course I loved Richard Wright's works - but for me his poem, a haiku In the falling snowA laughing boy holds out his palmsUntil they are white encapsulates everything in such a small space. I read this first in an anthology published by Penguin, the name...
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I just scoured the library for a book on Jainism - a religion which has at its heart non-violence and love for all things. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jainism Read through this article and tell me if there is anything basically wrong with their outlook? I think not. If the world was converted to...
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I have found that if one just stops and looks around - one finds treasures in everything. In the Victorian age people used to watch in lieu of television ( yet to be invented) - fires, and imagine all kinds of creatures and images within. I have found for example just looking at a tree or a bush,...
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I am not sure that I can really write about loss in a direct way - I generalised not naming the person I lost in the prose poem - I find that it is also complicated because it is making something really intimate and private - public , and this in a way raises personal issues about how far does one...
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Loss    it is difficult to express the loss the loss of a loved one whenever you try it comes out hopeless like a failed scone you want to say something with edge and avoid the D word just loss but it is never the same the sadness  curled up inside your lonely body nothing will budge the grief that...
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I got hold of Alan Watts' Cloud Hidden one of the last works he wrote. I liked his Zen books when I was younger.  It is the first few lines of the journal that inspired me -   Ever since I can remember anything at all, the light, the smell, the sound, and motion of the sea have been pure magic...
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A friend of mine wrote a poem based on the dialogues of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook - today I came across a book  - Dud & Pete - it is so so so funny. Here is a sketch when they are at an art gallery:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9OCS08rabE&feature=related I love their deadpan humour....
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