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Well, There's This Pond - A One-Minute Play

                                                                     Henry David Thoreau goes into a publishers's office.

Publisher:  So you have a book. What is it called? Waldo?

Thoreau:    Walden, or Life in the Woods.

Publisher:  So you went to the woods.

Thoreau:    Precisely.

Publisher:  And?

Thoreau:    What do you mean?

Publisher:  What happened?

Thoreau:    I built a cabin.

Publisher:  And?

Thoreau:    I grew beans.

Publisher:  Was there like a giant beanstalk or something?

Thoreau:    No, just regular beans.

Publisher:  Did someone attack you in the woods?

Thoreau:    No. I had a few guests.

Publisher:  Were you molested as a child? Is that why you went into the woods?

Thoreau:    I went to the woods to live deliberately.

Publisher:  Or were you an alchoholic? Maybe we could call it A Drunk in the Woods.

Thoreau:    I don't drink.

Publisher:  Did you catch some disfiguring disease? Maybe from the beans?

Thoreau:    Sorry.

Publisher:  I don't get it. Why would anyone buy this book? Explain it to me again.

Thoreau:    Well, there's this pond...

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So who's the has-bean here?