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West of Here
A man was standing outside the grocery store on Easter Sunday taking signatures for a petition on term limits. To me, term limits are like Voting for Idiots (or is that redundant?). But I could not stay and talk to him.  I was at the store buying a Easter card for my mother, who had been med-evaced...
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 A year ago, in honor of the publication of my novel THE MARRIAGE OF TRUE MINDS, I proposed to propose to one of my readers.  Since according to my esteemed publisher my readership is dwindling (by which I don't mean slowing but somehow entering negative, or possibly imaginary, numbers), I have...
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I was up around 2:00 AM last night, actually watching the Senate  "debate" over the health care reconciliation bill.   The Republican amendments got curioser and curioser, including the infamous Viagra amendment that Senator Coburn apparently forgot to submit on the reconciliation bill ...
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1) So okay, say It's going to cost maybe $30,000,000,000 a year for the next ten years to provide coverage for 30,000,000 people. That's health insurance for a $1,000 a person per year. I'm okay with that. There must be something else to cut. 2) Don't unborn children need health insurance too? 3)...
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I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree. Give me a minute...this used to be easier.
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Page 471 was very good.
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I found this on my pc - had forgotten about it. Apparently I used  to be smart.
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Dad in Minnesota
When I walked into the grocery store near my home a few days ago, I had the strongest memory of my father. In the morning, I would drop him at the store and he would walk up and down each aisle to get his daily exercise, then head down to the wine and cheese shop next door to play Keno and buy...
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I never did understand giving cut flowers on Valentines Day. "As a sign of my eternal love, let me give you something that will fade and wither in a few days  time."  I recommend planting a tree in her yard. Now that's a sign.
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The coffee maker is the fourth most popular wedding gift in Minnesota, after toasters, candlesticks, and silver-plated Lutefisk tongs. For best results, coffee beans should not be ground; rather they should be pulverized and reshaped using nanotechnology into dodecahedrons no larger than .6...
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Admiration is dangerous when we seek the path where admiration is easiest, driven by the values of others rather than our own. I mean, don' t you agree? You can tell me...
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Cougar Town, despite the unfortunate title, is the best comedy on television.  There are two kinds of television comedies: those that make fun of their characters and those that have fun with their characters. Readers of this blog will know that I am a proponent of the second methodology, but the...
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I've never been to one, but I'm thinking of going this year. Any suggestions? Haven't decided whether to take my writer hat or  not...   
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The Writer Hat
I have taken to wearing a hat that says Writer on it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to convince others or remind myself. But the truth is, it's a comfortable hat.
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such as, what was I  thinking?
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