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Wisdom is what you know when you no longer know how you know what you know.

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Forget systematic philosophies (though they can illuminate).

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I Admire Kant, Hegel and Spinoza

Sounds like a Law Firm doesn't it?

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Illuminating! Only experience is known to know the how (?)

Thank you so much for your wisdom!



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Thank You Catherine

I often feel wise by default. :)

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... Or finally becoming aware

... Or finally becoming aware that, in actual fact, you know very little..?

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The Socratic Approach

works for see (see previous blog post :)

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Original statement

What I understood you to mean is a phenomenon other than experience of life, or of acquired knowledge of philosophers and 'peddled' wisdom. It is something instinctual, born within us as creatures of the Creator. Maybe there is an analogy to be made with a pigeon's homing instinct.

This kind of 'knowledge' is the root of faith. You know before you have faith, and before you see demonstrated the results of faith. You know before you have experienced the labyrinthine ways it works out in the life we choose to live by our responses to the forces within and around us.

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You and Plato

always with the inherent knowledge :)