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Once upon a time there were two trees. ..

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You can't do that one...

I wrote it forty years ago.

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You should publish a collection of stories starting with that line. :)

Of course then I'd have to actually write the whole story.

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I'm ever so good at titles

but the next bit can be bothersome.

I really did write such a story. It won two quid in a competition for new writing. Seem to remember it could only be claimed against a writing course... Was so gutted, I turned it down :)

Must remember to put that in my autobiog entitled Cutting It Fine.

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My once upon a time...

I am appearing on Shark Tank. It is an easy sell when I promote the thoughts of Stephen Evans and Lauren Lise Baratz-Logsted. People want and need to start their day off encouraged with great thinking and laughter. Books, calendars,fortune cookie inserts...down to the court house to get a creative license to promote great thinkers...if only...

You bring joy to so many of us. Thanks !

Mary Walsh

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Thank You Mary

That brings me joy!

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I write it all the time...m

I write it all the time...m

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Mary Mary

Love the Yeats quote.