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The Stars Behind the Sunsets

We shall remember you, the world and I,

And write your name across the evening sky.

The world shall write in sunsets, I in stars,

The world shall write you whole, and I in parts,

Because the sky cannot hold all my heart.


The world may then forget you. I will not.

The world forgets what’s written. Only what

is loved is remembered. Only what is loved.

The old high way and all, that I strove

Et cetera. Where is the proof?


The stars behind the sunsets still are there,

Even though you may not be aware.

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Beautiful.It reminds me of


It reminds me of Paracelsus' quotation, "Just because the stars in the sky are visible does not mean that, alone, they constitute the whole firmament." (not sure of the quote word for word, as have just translated it from Italian).

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Thank You

I didn't know Paracelsus knew about Dark Matter :)