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The Compassionate Vegetarian

If they ever discover that pizza has feelings, I am in big trouble.

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I just tell people I don't

I just tell people I don't eat anything that used to walk, swim or fly.

I once struck up a conversation in the park with a lady who criticised me for feeding crows.  Nasty birds, she said, who eat carrion and other birds' young.  

I asked if she ever bought meat and kept in in the fridge or even freezer before cooking it.

Then I discovered she loved earing lamb. 

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The Things We Don't Think Through

in our lives. Or don't want to.

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It's the mushrooming-coursing

It's the mushrooming-coursing that's so cruel. I don't hold with it.

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I Have The Hobbit

perspective on mushrooms.

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So you don't approve of mushroom-coursing, either?

But that's one pilferers don't need to think through.