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I am thinking of becoming a Preditarian. Preditarians are vegetarians who also eat predators. This has dual benefits from an empathetical vegetarianism point  of view:

1) I will eat some predators; hence there will be fewer predators.  

2) More predators will be encouraged to become vegetarians; hence there will be fewer predators.

I realize this may alter the balance of nature and all, but after last winter I don't mind so much.

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That's one Swift never thought of.

But don't forget: you are what you eat. Better to be a nut than an elephant cracking a (maybe epically genius) typescript.

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That Means

I am a pizza. Sounds about right.

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It's a shame you're not doing us all a favour

and eating 'preditors' any more, the bane of every writer's life.

Much better for the eco-system - what you originally proposed:)