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O Henrik

I have decided to translate the complete works of Henrik Ibsen. Fortunately he was a playwright, so there is very little actual work. Just a lot of dialogue. Those Norwegian character names are tricky though. What is the english word for Torvald?

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Steve, sunshine,

you've got the wrong end of the stick. Torvald, roughly translated, means 'Thursday Forest' which is not a character but a First Division football team hailing from somewhere between Sheffield and Nottingham, UK.

Sadly, this doesn't bode too well for the task ahead.

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In American,

'Thursday Forest' is roughly equivalent to John. So I may be okay.

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I'm just not going there...no, honestly...

It's often said that Brits and Americans are one people divided by a common language. Here's how confused we get:

somber - soporific blues

miter - small bug with big attitude

scepter - one who doesn't believe in Monarchy

saber - fur coat showing cleavage

theater - one who theats (Thespian or fan)

meter - pavement tether for steak on the hoof

center - one who is impoverished

louver - blind suitor

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Right back at you

centre - a guard who stands in the middle

flavour - what we taste like

colour - not dug from your mines

manoeuvre - a sailor fallen into the sea

lieutenant - an officer who never stands to the right

chemist's - I just want some aspirin, not something out of test tube

This is fun! I want to think of more.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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I hear you, Rosy!

I hear you, Rosy!

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A word-off!

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My wit has lost its luster

My wit has lost its luster and I don't think that even a liter of philtered coffee is going to keep me awake.

Good Nitre.

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Rest Room - where's the

Rest Room - where's the bed?

Panty Hose - ouch!