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Not winning and losing are not the same. Not not losing and winning are not the same.

Not winning and not not losing seem oddly familiar.

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re: megamillions

What I do know is that megamillions equals lots  of noughts at the end of a number. Others may come to nought but the winner keeps company with a trail of noughts.

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Not Not Nought?

Okay, now I'm confused.

Okay, I added the now.

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re: the not, naught and nought

The ones who have come to naught are certainly not in the same league as those who have been embraced by a set of numbers accompanied by a retinue of noughts.

For those who did not enter the draw, for them it is not naught but nought.

For those who entered and won, it is a certain figure plus many noughts in tow.

For those who entered and lost their bets, it is naught and nought. 

To the rest of us, how naughty and manifold noughty are the hands of Fate and probability!

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Is someone being noughty

Is someone being noughty here?

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re: noughty

Spick and spank noughty.

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re: more noughtiness

Verily, verily, verily

not naughty noughty knot!

Merrily, merrily, merrily

one noughty noughty lot!


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naught getting it is not a problem but getting it is

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Winning and losing

are too often objective criteria we assimilate into our mythology which have no truthful place there and, either way, do not dispose towards genuine happiness.

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Oh, come on

It's all for naught.