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I Keep Imagining
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that somone will read what I write, if I keep imagining.

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Deem your imaginings

Deem your imaginings validated.

I have read.


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imagine that.

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I, too have read. I am envious of your satirically named website. I like it (the website).

Wasn't it Hemingway who said, the less said the more alcohol one can drink?


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Thanks Jules

Hemingway was a wise man, except for the writing bit. 

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Welcome to the club!

Welcome to the club!

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I am Happy to Join

as long as there are no meetings on Thursday.

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I've always thought

Thursdays should be abolished anyway. Douglas Adams could never get the hang of them.

But then, I guess you'd miss Thanksgiving.

Passover might have been a hint.



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I have read, and having

I have read, and having read, read on.

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The Best Compliment

for any of us, I imagine.