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I Am Perplexed

If they can send a man to Mars (what - you didn't know?), why can't they make a toothpaste that tastes like key lime pie. 

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There is a toothpaste out there that tastes like cinnamon, so it's kinda like pumpkin pie .. that close enough?

Randy Wong

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Pumpkin Pie

is not key lime, but it sounds pretty good!

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The flavor of toothpaste?

Because we'd all be eating our toothpaste . . .

Thanks for the chuckle this morning, Stephen. I needed it.


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Good Point!

and you are welcome.

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Speaking of perplexing

I ran across this English web site called "Scary vending Machines" and saw one of the most disturbing things I've seen in a long time...in ANY category. It was a pureed meat dispenser....I gathered. There was this THING on top of a pedestal sort of like a gumball machine. Had an inverted bottle on top...sort of like a water cooler bottle, filled with this glop. Protruding from the front of the box was what looked like a formula bottle with a nipple. (This was a rather ancient, grainy black and white photo). There was a crank on the side of the box. The instructions said, "Insert coin, turn crank, enjoy!"

Oh, yeah...forgot...the bottle on top of the abomination said someting like "Leeds liquid liver...it's REAL FOOD."

I'm still not sure how one was to "apply" this "REAL FOOD." I guess one has to be English.


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That is disturbing -

especially to a vegetarian!

The strangest vending machine I ever saw was in Moscow many years ago. You put a plastic glass in the machine (the same one for everyone) and it dispensed a soda. I was young - I tried it. It tasted like bubble gum

I'm sure they have Coke now like everyone else.